Skills 4 Life - Teens

Skills 4 Life is a skill-development program for teenagers with disability aged 14-17 years.  Through a diverse range of fun and educational activities, participants learn how to express their opinions, make decisions and respect others, while building their confidence and self-esteem. 

Learn new skills

  1. Personal finance

  2. Social engagement

  3. Decision Making

  4. Public Transport

What we can offer

The program runs two afternoons a week throughout the school term, with each night dedicated to developing a new skill or participating in an activity. 

Spend time with friends
All of our activities are conducted in groups to encourage social interaction, team building and the formation of long-term friendships.

With an emphasis on fun and creativity our caring coordinators have empowered customers to support each other to learn new skills and enjoy new experiences for the first time.

Be independent
Individuals can participate in group activities in a supported environment where they are encouraged to try things for themselves. Through trial and error and with peers for support, customers are given the opportunity to build skills and confidence to complete skills independently.

Our successful program continues to have high attendance and participation from customers, creating a greater sense of comfort and encouraging the freedom to be themselves.

Learn everyday skills
We support customers to learn new skills, large and small, to enable greater independence. These skills are tailored to suit the individual needs of participants and can be centred on almost any goal they may have.  This may include:

Communicating with others

Making decisions

Everyday safety

Community engagement and socialisation

Planning and preparation

Handling money

Meal time supports

Eating out at a café

Household tasks

Learning how to use public transport

Personal care and hygiene

Cooking and eating healthy foods

Where this service is available

The day and time this service is available is location specific. Skills 4 Life is offered at multiple locations across the state, click here to view service locations. 

NDIS planning and support 
When it comes to making the most of your NDIS funding, we can assist you with Coordination of Supports, NDIS planning, and provide the highest standard of support services.

Combining experience and commitment 
Northcott utilises a team of experienced health professionals to facilitate our Skills 4 Life sessions.Our team is made up of skilled centre based coordinators and support workers. Our workers have extensive experience across a range of disability services to support and manage complex disability.

We focus on building independence and social inclusion through a diverse range of fun and educational activities. Designed so customers are able to build their confidence and self-esteem, while learning how to express their opinions, make decisions and respect others.

Disabilities supported

We support various forms of disability including neurological, congenital and genetic conditions. This includes cerebral palsy (CP), Duchenne muscular dystrophy, spina bifida and Rett syndrome.

Funding Information

  Group support
Assistance with social and community participation  
Increased social and community participation (Skills development in a group)

*If requested 1:1 support can be provided, based on your NDIS package.


Skills 4 Life FAQs

What skills will participants learn through Skills 4 Life?

Skills 4 Life offers a social, safe and structured environment where teenagers with disability can learn the skills they need to build greater independence.

Participants will develop a range of skills, both domestic and community-based. This may include communication skills, social skills, and everyday life skills such as cooking, using public transport, decision-making and money handling.

What activities are offered as part of the program?

One of the keys to learning is to create an engaging environment. We do this by offering a range of fun and educational activities including cooking, art, music production, travel, sports and fitness, drama, gardening, wood work – and much more!

What type of disability does Skills 4 Life support?

Skills 4 Life is open to anyone with disability aged 14 to 17 years.

At Northcott, we understand that people with disability have varying needs, so we tailor our program to suit participants with a range of disabilities. This includes, but is not limited to, cerebral palsy, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, visual impairment, hearing impairment, epilepsy, intellectual disability, acquired brain injury, spina bifida, hydrocephalus and Down syndrome.

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