Sexuality and Relationship Education

Our Sexuality and Relationship Education service for people with disability is the first of its kind to be offered by an Australian disability organisation. Developed following customer demand to lift the lid on taboo topics, our educational services have been created to support people with disability to achieve their sexuality and relationship goals and desires.

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VALIANT – Northcott is proud to have partnered with Bus Stop Films to produce VALIANT, a film and education resource exploring the realities of relationships for people with disability. Written and created by filmmakers and actors/talent with disability, VALIANT explores the themes of sexuality, disability, consent and relationships through four heartwarming stories. Designed as a learning tool for people with disability, and their parents, carers and wider support network, VALIANT is accompanied by an educational guide with conversation starters and tips and advice for building healthy and safe relationships of all kinds. For more information and to watch the film and access the education guide, visit

VALIANT launched on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2022.

Check out Northcott’s new Sexual Relationships podcast – part of the Grow Bold with Disability series.

Relationships and sexuality support

  1. Education

    Learn about relationships and sexuality

  2. Understand yourself

    Explore who you are as a person

  3. Relationships

    Connect with others in meaningful ways

  4. Build confidence

    Empower yourself

What you can do with us

Access assistance with sexual activity — Our staff will work with you to ensure your support requirements, individual sexual needs and desires are communicated and actioned for your chosen intimate moment (for example, support with positioning and assisting you to set up your sexual experience). We will support you to feel confident and enjoy your sexual activity through our dignified and non-judgemental service.

Sexuality and relationship counselling – Through our one-on-one counselling sessions, we provide emotional support so you can manage and explore your relationships, sexual health and sexuality. Our counselling sessions provide a safe space to explore important issues and deepen your understanding about topics that are important to you.

Individual social skills development – We offer a 10 week relationship and sexuality program for you to increase your understanding about relationships, sexual health and sexuality as an everyday life skill. Our 10 week program covers specific topics to support you to understand relationships and sexuality.

"Being able to access education in the [sexuality and relationship] area helps you to understand the rules of relationships."


What type of funding can you use to access Sexuality and Relationship Education?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) will use the following terms to describe the funding you can use to purchase services through the Sexuality and Relationship Education Service.

  Assistance with sexual activity Counselling Education Sessions*
Assistance with daily living      
Assistance with social and community participation    
Increased social and community participation (Individual skills development and training)    
Increased social and community participation (Skills development in a group)    
Improved daily living (Individual counselling)    
Improved relationships (Individual social skills development)    

Minimum numbers must be met for Northcott’s Sexuality and Relationship group workshops to run. Contact us for more information. Assistance with sexual activity service is available seven days a week 24 hours a day (including public holidays).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sexuality FAQ's

How old do you have to be to access the Sexuality and Relationship Education Service?

The Sexuality and Relationship Education Service can support people aged 16 years and older.

Why is sexuality and relationship education important?

Sexuality and relationship education provides a safe place to discuss age appropriate themes and provides accurate information. This education aims to develop the individual’s understanding of social rules and building skills in protective behaviours and decision making.

What happens in the first session when supporting a person to access sexual activity?

You will meet a Sexuality and Relationship Education staff member at one of our offices to have a chat about different options. Additionally, in this meeting you will be connected to any supports, which may include a support worker, to assist you through this process.

Where can the counselling sessions be delivered from?

Counselling sessions can be delivered from Northcott offices in Metro Sydney or via video call.