Northcott Therapy offers a broad range of training opportunities tailored to the needs of those supporting individuals with a disability.

Our training can be tailor made to accommodate the needs of the individual and those who support them (e.g. parents/carers, teachers, support workers, employers).

Northcott can deliver training on an individual basis, in a group setting, or for a whole organisation.

Benefits of receiving training through Northcott Therapy

  • Skills development
  • Increased capacity to support an individual’s needs to achieve their goals
  • Resources with practical and personalised strategies
  • Follow-up support available to ensure positive outcomes

Examples of training topics Northcott Therapy offers

  • How to support a range of communication styles simultaneously in the classroom, workplace, or community
  • Strategies to support literacy development for a variety of learning styles and complex needs
  • How to support an individual’s regulation in the classroom, workplace or community to increase engagement, positive social interactions, and academic development
  • Participation in a variety of environments and activities - with or without the need for specialised equipment (e.g. pencil grip, communication device, wheelchair access, walking)
  • How to support individuals with eating and drinking difficulties, including issues with nutrition and hydration

When and where training is available

Training is offered Mondays to Fridays at your venue of choice or at any of our various Northcott locations.


Training sessions are charged at an hourly rate. A quote is created based on your request for training. The quote will also include a travel and administration charge.

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