Group Therapy

What is Group Therapy and how can it support me?

Northcott Group Therapy is designed to support children, adolescents and adults with disability to:

  • Engage in a range of activities designed to develop and improve skills
  • Receive support from qualified and accredited allied health professionals
  • Enjoy the relaxed, fun and social atmosphere of Group Therapy
  • Socialise and make new friends

What can be gained from Group Therapy for me or someone in my care?

Led by our fully accredited, experienced and committed allied health professionals, Group Therapy is designed to support people with disability to develop the skills they require to achieve the best possible outcomes throughout their life. We work closely with children aged 4 years and over, families/carers, and adults through a range of Group Therapy sessions targeted to different areas of skill development. Activities in each session will be graded to allow people of all abilities to be involved and adjustments will be made as skills improve.

How can we support you?

Our qualified, accredited and committed staff can support you in a number of ways:

Skill development in a supportive environment - Each Group Therapy session is led by an accredited, experienced and committed allied health professional and is presented in a structured  manner tailored to each group's abilities and goals.
Peer support - Enjoy the benefits of learning in a group environment and testing out your skills with others in a similar situation. Working in a group provides emotional support, increased skill progression through watching and learning from others, along with the opportunity for social interaction.
Complement individual therapy - Group Therapy provides a safe community setting in which to practice skills developed through individual therapy sessions. Customers will have the chance to improve their skills to ensure they feel confident when participating in daily activities in the community.
Range of programs to suit your needs - Group Therapy sessions cover a range of areas including social skills, school readiness and mastering mealtime.

What you can expect from us:

We are committed to you. As part of our service delivery, you can expect:

Safe learning environment: Supportive group learning environment providing emotional support from peers and community engagement.
Specialised sessions: Group Therapy sessions tailored to a range of ages and skill levels. 
Open communication and support: Qualified allied health professionals available to answer any questions. Ongoing review of skill development.
Diverse qualified team: Occupational therapists, speech pathologists, physiotherapists, dietitian.
Easy access to services: Service delivery at a range of times and locations 

What type of Group Therapy is available?

The Group Therapy sessions run from Monday to Friday and are currently available in the following areas - Sydney Metro, Northern Rivers (Ballina) and ACT (Canberra).

Skills 4 Schools - Sydney metro location open for registration now

Do you have a child in Kindy or starting school soon and want to ensure they develop the skills they need to thrive? We are currently offering Group Therapy during school term and also school holiday sessions

Our Skills 4 Schools Group Therapy program is designed to support your child (pre-school to Kindy aged children) to master the skills required for school including:

  • Holding a pencil
  • Writing their name
  • Cutting with scissors
  • Following instructions
  • Asking for help
  • Recognising their name
  • Making friends

The group will be led by a Northcott speech pathologist and/or occupational therapist and will provide your child with a fun, supportive and low-pressure environment in which to improve their skills. Activities will be carefully graded to allow each child to be involved and will be adjusted as the children improve their skills.

Find out more or register your interest.

Upcoming Group Therapy sessions

We will be launching more Group Therapy including Social Skills, Mastering Mealtime and other types of groups based on interest and demand for children, adolescents and adults in the following areas. Please register your interest to stay up to date.

  • Sydney metro (more locations and groups coming soon)
  • Social Skills (adolescents group, adults group in Sydney metro and Canberra)

  • Mastering Mealtimes (for parents in Sydney metro)

  • Super-Skills (for 5-8 year old in Ballina)

  • Ready for Action/Super Skills (for 6-10 year old in Ballina)

Register your interest to stay up to date on upcoming Group Therapy in your area or call us on 1800 818 286.

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