Group Therapy

Group Therapy gives individuals a chance to learn and practice skills in a supported group environment with guidance from therapists and group members.

Benefits of participating in group therapy at Northcott

  • It makes a great complement to individual therapy
  • To socialise and learn from others in a supportive environment
  • To engage in a range of fun activities designed to develop and improve skills
  • It is a more cost effective way of using therapy funds

Activities in each group session will be graded to allow people of all abilities to be involved and adjustments will be made as skills improve.

For more information on upcoming groups

Check out our Events Page

Examples of groups Northcott Therapy offers

  • Language and social skills: maintaining positive back and forth interactions (e.g. PEERS, Hanen)
  • Fine motor skills: moving small muscles in the hands (e.g. tying shoe laces, writing with a pencil, picking up and releasing objects)
  • Gross motor skills: walking, balance, exercises and stretches, wheelchair user tips
  • Alternative communication styles: becoming familiar with and gaining positive experiences using a communication device with others
  • Sensory and emotional regulation: understanding and managing emotions and sensory needs
  • Mealtime support: discussions about diet, mealtime routines, sensory needs and preferences around food items or food groups (e.g. SOS)

Referral and payment options

  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
    • ‘Improved Daily Living’ can be used to access all therapies.
    • ‘Improved Health and Wellbeing’ funds can also be used to access Dietitian.
  • Private Health Insurance
  • Private payment

Training sessions are charged at an hourly rate. Quotes are provided on request.

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