Support Coordination

Northcott's Support Coordination service is an independent service that assists participants and their families with multiple or complex support needs to understand and implement their NDIS Plan and access services from a range of providers.

Support Coordination for people with disability

Get the most out of your NDIS plan.

Take control of your funding and supports

An important step in creating the life you choose is accessing the supports you need to achieve your goals. With a full understanding of your NDIS plan, you can make informed decisions, work towards your goals, and connect with the right NDIS providers, along with community, mainstream and other government services.

Our Support Coordination service gives you the confidence and skills to use and manage the supports of your choice. You’ll build your independence to navigate the NDIS process, including using the NDIS participant portal and making the most effective use of the funding in your plan.

Support coordination is a personalised service that focuses on your plan and your goals. Our experienced and knowledgeable support coordinators will take the time to listen to you and find out what you’re looking for. They’ll work with you to highlight your existing strengths and the areas you’d like to develop.

Tailored strategies will enable you to manage your NDIS plan and supports. These might include identifying and growing your support network, researching service providers, understanding service agreements, and communicating your needs to a support provider.

Empowered with the skills to use and coordinate your supports, you’ll be on track to reach your goals and build a more independent life.

How our Support Coordination service can work for you

The information, advice and support services we provide include:

  • Understanding your NDIS plan: With a full breakdown of your NDIS plan, you’ll know how to make use of all your NDIS funding. We’ll also provide support with budgeting and planning, setting up the NDIS participant portal, becoming familiar with the NDIS price guide, and offer assistance when you’re ready to prepare for your next NDIS plan.
  • Identifying your options: We’ll listen carefully to your needs and wants and address any barriers you might be facing. We can then look at the different options available to you, including funded, mainstream and informal service networks, and connect you to the right supports to meet your goals.
  • Building your capacity: Learn how to research and connect with services, increase your support networks, make long-term plans, and understand what to look for in a support worker and a support organisation.
  • Ongoing support: Regular check-ins with meetings and phone calls will allow us to monitor and review your supports, and make adjustments if they’re not working for you or if your needs change. You can contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your NDIS plan or if you want assistance when things go wrong.
  • Resolving service delivery issues: If you are experiencing issues with a service provider, you’ll feel supported to make a complaint if necessary and work on resolving the issue directly with the provider.

Additional funding information

The NDIS will use the following terms to describe the funding customers can use to purchase Support Coordination  services:

  • Coordination of Supports
  • Support connection
  • Training in planning
  • Specialist support coordination

We can also support our customers if they have a different type of state or Australian government funding.
We will support our customers to identify the funding and services they are entitled to.

Like to find out more about how our Support Coordination service can assist you in reaching your goals? Get in touch with our friendly team today.

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