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Niara Upgrade 1

General Information

Northcott is preparing to upgrade Niara Rostering (Skedulo) and all frontline staff need to be prepared while this upgrade occurs in the event access to Niara is interrupted. This includes the Skedulo app for Support Workers.

Who will this upgrade affect?

Frontline staff.

When will this upgrade occur?

The upgrade will occur 7pm to 1am this Friday 7 June.  

During this time, please do not log into the following applications:

  • Niara Desktop
  • Niara Mobile (Skedulo App)

When the upgrade is completed, you will need to restart your application.  

What do I need to do?

Prepare for the upgrade by taking a screen shot of your roster on the day of the outage. Ensure the screenshot includes your shifts for the next seven (7) days at a minimum.

You will need to take another screen shot if there are any changes to your roster before the upgrade start time.

Screen Shot Instructions:

  • Open and log into your Skedulo App
  • Select “Agenda” on the bottom left-hand side of the screen  
  • Select “Week” view from your agenda.
  • Select the date of the outage (Friday 7 June 2024) and take the screenshot of the roster for the day
  • Repeat step 4 for the following 6 days (i.e. 7 June to 14 June)

Your Service Coordinator and Service Manager have been instructed to ensure you are able to view customer documents/plans in their house OR direct you to the most appropriate hub to find this information.  

Shift Notes are to be completed on paper shift note templates OR you can write these on your mobile phone and copy into shift template once the system resumes.

What if I have a problem accessing Niara after the outage?

You can contact IT support via email at [email protected] or by calling (02) 9890 0515

If you need support or guidance from a manager after business hours, you can contact the On Call Manager.  

Please ensure you have followed the steps noted above, before making this call.  

  1. Call the on-call officer on 02 8039 9755. If there is no answer, leave a voicemail and wait 10 minutes for a response.  
  2. If the on-call officer does not return your call within 10 minutes, call your escalation manager on: 02 8039 9766
  3. If this call is diverted to voicemail, leave a clear message stating: 
    1. Your name  
    2. The site you are calling from. 
    3. A return contact number
    4. Brief description of the situation  
    5. Any action that you have taken so far

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