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ECEI Planning Coordinator Position Description

Position Title: ECEI Planning Coordinator Position Description

Division: Early Childhood Early Intervention

Reporting to: ECEI Team Leader

About Northcott

Who is Northcott?

Northcott is a not-for-profit disability service provider that works with customers to realise their potential. As one of Australia’s largest not-for-profit disability service organisations, we provide services from metropolitan and regional locations throughout NSW and the ACT. We have more than 90 years of experience and expertise in the disability service industry. A registered NDIS provider, we employ close to over 2,500 staff and provide empowering, personalised services to over 13,500 people with disability, their families and carers each year.

What do we do?

Northcott provides personalised and dynamic support, delivered by a committed team who will optimise and maximise support and services for every customer. Our experience and expertise gives confidence to our customers they are in good, trustworthy hands, while our commitment to innovation and pushing boundaries allows us to tackle any challenge currently creating barriers for our customers to reach their potential. Northcott’s diverse range of service offerings and strong community partnerships gives customers easy access to the supports they need or want through a single gateway from our many locations.

What is our promise to each customer?

We will work creatively and relentlessly with each customer to unlock, discover and unleash their potential, supporting and empowering them to be the best they can be now and in the future. Our customers are not numbers, they are unique individuals. We personalise our services to each customer’s current and future needs and goals, every single one, to ensure their development and growth. As advocates for our customer’s inclusion, we will empower them with confidence, choice and opportunity so they can live their life, as they choose, in their own way.

Key Objective of the Service/Department

The NDIS Partners in the Community Program (PITC) supports the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to be implemented at a local level. As a partner of the NDIA, Northcott will deliver the NDIS Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) approach to local communities in Northern NSW, Mid North Coast, Hunter New England and Western Sydney. The approach supports the Early Childhood Early Intervention activities that will improve independence and social participation of children with disability or developmental delay aged 0-6 years.

Key Objective of the Position

Develop NDIS plans for children with disability and developmental delay using a child and family centred approach, ensuring supports are funded based on detailed consideration of the available evidence, including practice guidance and the legislated principles of reasonable and necessary.

Support families in the implementation of their NDIS plans including follow up monitoring support.

Provide referrals and linkages to community and mainstream supports that will build social engagement and support families to achieve their goals.

Person Specifications (Skills & Knowledge)

  • A strong understanding of typical childhood development and the impact of disability and developmental delay on a child and their family
  • Experience supporting children and families using a family centred and capacity building approach
  • In depth knowledge of the local service environment in which the child lives, including funded and non-funded services
  • Ability to remain objective and impartial when providing support and guidance
  • Knowledge and understanding of best practice models in Early Childhood Intervention
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills including report writing
  • High level of negotiation skills, including providing evidence to support case planning
  • High level organisational, efficiency and time management skills
  • Proficient computer skills
  • Appreciation and acceptance of diversity for wellness, understanding the importance of implementing a tailored and personalised approach to children and their families
  • Knowledge of the Disability Services Act & Standards
  • Knowledge of the Child Protection Legislation and the principles of Keep Them Safe.

Essential Qualifications & Experience Required

  • Successfully obtained tertiary qualifications in Social Sciences, Early Childhood Education, Allied Health Professions or other relevant professional field
  • Experience providing family support and/or family therapy to families using a family focused and strengths based approach
  • Demonstrated experience supporting and implementing early childhood intervention strategies with families using a capacity building approach
  • Current Drivers’ License
  • Valid NDIS Worker Screening and Working with Children Checks.

Delegation Level

  • Nil

Core Competencies of the Role

  • Customer Focus / External Contact
    • Develops positive and trusting relationships with children and families
    • Responds to work assignments and customer driven tasks within the stated timeframe and in a courteous manner
    • Seeks to build the capacity of families and the community to work confidently and effectively with children with disability to meet each individual child’s developmental needs.
  • Relationship Building
    • Develops key strategic relationships within local area
    • Maintains both a mainstream and disability support service network of contacts that can provide information, help and access to families
    • Collaborates with peers to achieve organisational and NDIS performance measures.
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
    • Makes effective use of time and facilities
    • Meets deadlines as timeframes of the program
    • Prioritises duties / responsibilities in a manner consistent with service and organisational objectives
    • Effectively manages tasks including follow-up.
  • Leadership
    • Independently performs and accomplishes program expectations
    • Requires minimal supervision
    • Sees and acts upon opportunities
    • Independently contributes ideas and adaptation of program where required
    • Promptly address problems and devises solutions.
  • Professionalism
    • Displays a professional attitude with regards to both oral and written communication, and dress attire
    • Demonstrates effective time management skills
    • Shows positive attitude
    • Maintains regular attendance
    • Meets productivity standards
    • Interacts as an effective team member.
  • Job Knowledge
    • Demonstrates the specialised knowledge required to provide a best practice and a quality service
    • Aware of general issues related to the position
    • Effectively learns new job skills
    • Maintains up-to-date job related information.


The typical duties of this position include:

  1. Engage with families to gather information on the child that provides relevant evidence of their disability, developmental delay and/or functioning
  2. Undertake observations of a child in their natural environment to assess their functioning and support needs using supporting tools and documents within the NDIS IT system
  3. Provide recommendations based on professional judgement and information gathered that are most appropriate to the improvement of the child’s development and social participation
  4. Work with families to identify their goals and aspirations for their child
  5. Work with the family to determine reasonable and necessary funded supports to develop an NDIS plan for their child which are aligned with the identified goals and areas of development
  6. Provide information to the family that will assist them to source appropriate service provider(s), including registered providers of support to implement their approved plan. This may include providing written referrals to providers (registered, mainstream and community) chosen by the family
  7. Assess and review the child and families progress against originally defined goals
  8. Establish and maintain effective relationships with local and regional stakeholders, including Early Childhood Education settings, mainstream and community services providing information and support to children with disability and developmental delay
  9. Engage with the NDIA to receive support on the development of complex plans
  10. Adhere to the strict response timeframes as required in the PITC ECEI Statement of Requirements, Standard Operating procedures and Grant Agreement
  11. Be aware of, demonstrate a commitment to and actively work toward the performance measures of the ECEI program outcomes as stated in the PITC ECEI Statement of Requirements
  12. Carry out administrative duties as required by Northcott including regular reporting against ECEI performance measures, monthly reports, funding reports and data collection to ensure contract compliance for the program
  13. Work within a strengths based, family centred approach that provides support families to build capacity, problem solve and resolve issues as identified
  14. Be aware of and sensitive to the needs of children, families and communities from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander or Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds
  15. Work within the framework of the, Best Practice Guidelines in Early Intervention, NSW Disability Inclusion Act, National Disability Standards, Privacy Legislation, NDIS Act 2013, NDIS Operational Guidelines and other relevant legislation
  16. Adhere to Northcott policies and procedures, in particular, the Code of Conduct and Ethics
  17. Comply with, report on and actively participate in Northcott’s Safety & Injury Management Procedures and Northcott’s WH&S Procedures
  18. Assist in maintaining Northcott’s premises, vehicles and equipment and discuss any issues with Manager
  19. Participate in Supervision and Team Meetings
  20. Other duties as determined by management.

This list is indicative only and is subject to change. All Northcott employees are required to comply with any reasonable work requests as directed by their employer from time to time.

Northcott Policy and Procedures

All Northcott employees are expected to be familiar with and adhere to Northcott policies and procedures.

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