Why Dale’s doing Walk With Me

By the Walk With Me team, 24 August 2016 , Comments

Hundreds of people with disability like Dale Ryan will converge on Church Street in Parramatta on 21 September for Northcott’s Walk With Me celebrations.

Dale, who lives with cerebral palsy and uses Northcott’s Life Skills services, joined us earlier today to have a quick chat about the event. Here are some questions we asked her and answers she gave us.

Why is Walk With Me important to you?

It makes the public aware that even though I have a physical disability, I can do everything else everybody else can do.

How many Walk With Me events have you taken part in?

I’ve done every Walk With Me that Northcott has hosted.

Do you think it is important for community members to support Walk With Me?

Yes because often we need their support to help us achieve our goals.

What excites you most about Walk With Me in 2016?

It’s another chance to bring awareness to the public. We will have a float and Adam Ladell from The Voice will be there singing and he’s walking with us too.


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