Tales from Two: Nathan and Mathew

By By Nathan Schembri, Mathew Osborne and Luisa Bustos, 5 December 2019 , Comments

From bubs to boys to men. Nathan and Mathew are best friends. They have known each other since they were just a few months old. As children, their friendship grew through weekends spent together at Northcott’s kids respite group at Karingal, our respite house in North Rocks. These days it can be hard for Nathan and Mathew to hang out regularly, so once a month, they book into Karingal on the same weekend to catch up, enjoy some night-life and stay connected.

Nathan: I first met Mat when we were going to baby group. We were about four months old. 

Mat’s always happy. He’s funny and always smiling. He’s got awesome taste in music and is great at recommending new songs. 

We have similar personalities so have become great friends.

I enjoy coming to Northcott’s respite house [at North Rocks], watching footy and having a beer with Mat.

Thanks to Northcott, we’ve been able to continue respite as adults. This means having the opportunity to see each other regularly at Karingal. Without Northcott’s respite house, we don’t have the chance to hang out with each other.

One day, I’d really like to go to a Parramatta Eels game together. 

Mathew: Nathan was a very easy-going baby! The first time we hung out, we were in baby group, rolling around on the ground together!

I think we both have easy-going personalities and we both like eating lots of foods. We also like to have a good time and get up to mischief!

For my friendship with Nathan, it’s important that we are always able to keep on seeing each other and being together throughout our life.

When we go to respite, I enjoy sleeping over, having late night chats, going out to dinner and experiencing new outings. 

Nathan is very happy and smiley. He is always willing to meet new people and create new friendships. 

One of my best memories with Nathan is going to his 21st birthday party and seeing him have beers, a good time and reach the milestone of turning 21!

I think other people should know that Nathan is very appreciative and grateful for everything that people do to support him.

In the future, Nathan and I are thinking about going on holidays together! 

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