Tales from Two: Deanna and Mel

By Deanna Beaumont, Mel Crawford and Luisa Bustos, 11 June 2019 , Comments

Northcott Support Coordinator Melissa (right) has been working with Wagga Wagga customer Deanna (left) for a few years, supporting her to get the most from her NDIS funding and plan. Connected through the Coordination of Supports service, their weekly chats about what Deanna wants to achieve and the services she accesses have seen the pair develop a unique relationship.

Deanna: When I first went to Northcott I was feeling like I was not getting anywhere with the NDIS. Another company had already let me down and left me with a bad feeling about the NDIS. When I met Mel I was a bit nervous because I was not sure on Mel and starting a new service at Northcott. But Mel made me more excited when she started mentioning new services for me like The Leisure Company.

My first impression of Mel was that she made me feel very welcome. She made sure that I was comfortable and relaxed before we got stuck into my NDIS plan and working it out. Mel’s personality was bright and bubbly and she also had a very honest opinion which I like. Her approach is to sit down with me regularly and catch up on things that I need support with, like getting into respite.

Mel has supported me with getting into a Hospitality Certificate 2 course and The Leisure Company. She has also assisted me to get into respite at Northcott’s Dunlop House and linked me up with people like Skye from Thrive Psychology and The Personal Group.

Since I first came to Northcott I have started to do more things for myself like going shopping, paying my own bills and learning new things like budgeting. I have grown a lot. Now I can catch a taxi by myself and walk to the shops by myself. I am most proud of being able to do this myself and pay the taxi fares by myself. That took a lot of confidence to get there.

I’ve started to plan to go into independent living this year. Northcott is going to rent a place around Wagga Wagga for three young ladies and I am one of those three young ladies! I’m very excited about that!

Mel: Deanna came into the Northcott office with her dad for her first meeting. She had a lovely smile that lit up her face but she seemed very shy and nervous. Her dad led the conversation regarding the requirements of her NDIS supports.

Deanna and I speak on the phone each week. We may catch up for a face-to-face meeting depending on what is happening for Deanna that particular week. We discuss the different appointments and supports that Deanna has coming up, what is working for her and what she needs support with.

Since our first meeting Deanna’s confidence has grown. Our relationship has grown from a place were Deanna was reluctant to make decisions about her NDIS supports and was looking for confirmation from her family to a place now where Deanna is taking the lead in the supports she receives.

I have seen Deanna grow into a confident young lady who is open to the option of moving from living with family into a supported living environment.

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Northcott’s Coordination of Supports service provides information, advice and support so you can make the right decisions and choices about your NDIS funding and plan. 

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