Why work for us?

We are a team committed to making sure our customers achieve all of their goals, no matter how big or small. However, we know our people have their own lives too. Our family friendly workplace offers support to employees so they can manage their work and home lives effectively. This includes flexible working arrangements like part-time work, job sharing, paid parental leave and cultural leave. Where possible we allow for flexibility in start and finish times too.

Unleash potential

Your role will be more than just a job –you’ll be making an empowering difference to the lives of people with disability every day. Your work will allow our customers to unlock, discover and unleash their potential.

Increased take home pay

As a not-for-profit organisation, we are able to offer our employees salary packaging as well as meal and entertainment benefits. This enables you to pay for everyday living expenses using your pre-tax income and reduce the amount of income tax you pay. Your money stretches further and the savings can add up to thousands per year. Find out more here by visiting the Access Pay website.

Bonus leave

Most of our services are closed between Christmas and New Year’s Day but you won’t be expected  to use annual leave to cover this period.

In addition to four weeks annual leave, all Northcott employees are entitled to extra leave days to cover any compulsory closure. In most instances this translates to an extra week’s leave every year.

Employee wellbeing

Our staff have access to discounted fitness centre memberships, yearly flu shots, health insurance deals, holiday cabin rental, shopping, and banking, reward programs and a free confidential counselling service.

Learning and development opportunities

We encourage employees to participate in a range of professional development activities related to their jobs including short courses, nationally recognised qualifications, industry meetings and events, conferences and seminars. Employees are also supported to present at conferences both nationally and internationally where relevant.

Career progression, leadership and management opportunities

We want to see our staff reach their potential too. Many of our current coordinators and managers first started working at Northcott as support workers. There is a wide variety of opportunities available within Northcott and if you are willing to learn new skills and take on further study. We will be your best advocate in supporting you to reach that new career goal.

Mentoring support

Our managers are also supported through our Emerging Leaders and formal mentoring program.