Sandra - Customer Service Consultant

As a child, I accessed Northcott services. I chose to work for Northcott to bring my personal knowledge and understanding of disabilities to a workplace I valued. I wanted to give back to an industry which allowed me to become the independent person I am today.


In my role, I feel like I make a difference in somebody’s day. A friendly listening ear is sometimes all a person needs. It is surprising how much of a difference that makes – as well as sharing knowledge about how Northcott can support a person with disability and their family.

I am constantly surprised at how easy it is to build relationships with customers just by speaking to them on a daily basis, and how much that rapport means to them.

With the constant changing needs of our customers, I am always determined to provide the best solution or alternative to meet those needs – that’s what “Innovation” means to me.

As a Customer Service Consultant, I’m at the frontline of customer enquiries. It’s vitally important I handle all conversations with respect. Every voice deserves to be heard.

Being “Brave” means showing a willingness to do all within my ability to make sure each call has an outcome which makes everyone involved happy with the service they have received. It’s going that extra step, and advocating for the customer to make sure they have their needs met.

I’m passionate about inclusion for all. I believe everyone deserves to be heard, included and given the same opportunities to succeed in their goals.

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