Sam – Support Worker

I’ve been a Northcott Support Worker for one year, moving into disability from the hospitality industry. The most fulfilling thing about my role is helping customers improve their lives, by helping them become fitter, healthier and happier through diet and exercise. I also like supporting customers to get a job, pass their driver license or simply just have a good day out with Northcott. I enjoy ensuring everyone involved in an activity can find enjoyment in it and feel included.


I love the daily variety I get as a Support Worker - in both the activities we do with customers and the places we go. I also love that the customers I support have so many different personalities. I have learnt a lot from my fellow staff and our customers.

Being “Innovative” means finding unique and long-term solutions to help customers overcome the barriers that are holding them back from living their best life.

To be “Respectful” means ensuring customers are involved and kept in control of their own lives.

Being “Brave” means putting yourself out there and showing customers the positive impacts of having a go even when you may not be confident.

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Kelly - Area Manager

“Seeing our customers living their best lives brings so much joy to all of us.”

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Radhika – Support Worker

“I chose to work for Northcott so I could make a positive change in our customers’ lives.”

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