Radhika – Disability Support Worker

I love my job as a Northcott Disability Support Worker. I’ve worked here for two years. The most fulfilling aspect is the collaboration and team work. We all share the same vision and are dedicated to Northcott’s mission and purpose.


For me, the most surprising thing about being a support worker is that I get to play many characters in one role.

To me, Northcott’s value of “Innovative” means every individual has a different personality and part to play so we can create something new or something different every day.

Being “Respectful” means treating other people as you like to be treated.

Northcott’s value of “Brave” means being a role model and providing all the support to encourage, empower and motivate customers to learn something new.

Inclusion means that everyone feels valued and importantly, adds value. It’s an environment where all individuals are treated fairly and respectfully, have equal access to opportunities and resources, and can contribute fully to an organisation's success.

Meet our other staff

Sam – Support Worker

“The most fulfilling thing about my role is helping customers improve their lives.”

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Kelly - Area Manager

“Seeing our customers living their best lives brings so much joy to all of us.”

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Sandra - Customer Service Consultant

“I wanted to give back to an industry which allowed me to become the independent person I am today.”

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