Kelly – Area Manager

Ten years ago I left a job in aged care to join Northcott after being encouraged by a friend. I loved the sound of how person-centred and family-orientated Northcott was. It was the best decision I have ever made. In my role, each day brings something different. I love seeing my team achieve goals…and seeing our customers living their best lives.


I try to demonstrate Northcott’s value of “Innovative” by thinking outside the box and coming up with creative ways to get things achieved.

To me, being “Respectful” means listening to my staff and customers and allowing them to have a voice. I strive to really hear what they are saying and acknowledge that I am hearing them.

Demonstrating Northcott’s value of “Brave” means standing up for the rights of people with all abilities and ensuring each and every person is given the same right that we all deserve.

Inclusion is important to me. It means making everyone feel just as important as each other and ensuring that each person’s role is as important as the next persons. It also means ensuring no one gets left behind.

Meet our other staff

Sandra - Customer Service Consultant

“I wanted to give back to an industry which allowed me to become the independent person I am today.”

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Radhika – Support Worker

“I chose to work for Northcott so I could make a positive change in our customers’ lives.”

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Sam – Support Worker

“The most fulfilling thing about my role is helping customers improve their lives.”

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