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By Luisa Bustos, 8 April 2019 , Comments

“The social aspect of Everyday Life Skills is really good for Vicki and Sonia. They have a lot of new friends in Tamworth and within the group. And they’ve got more independence.”

Wesley, Northcott’s Centre Based Coordinator in Tamworth is talking about Aboriginal sisters, Sonia and Vicki who joined our Everyday Life Skills program in September 2017.

Sonia and Vicki live in a small isolated community, with limited access to social activities. Thanks to Northcott, the pair now has more opportunities to meet other people and get out in their community. According to Wesley, the sisters, who both have intellectual disability and learning difficulties, have settled in well at Northcott, participating in outings, the cooking and shopping programs and community volunteering.

“I like going on the bus and going shopping,” says Vicki. “And I like Bunnings and Meals on Wheels too.”

The sisters volunteer regularly at the local Bunnings store, where they stock shelves, tidy up and put away plants. They also volunteer at Meals on Wheels, assisting in the kitchen.

“We’ve learnt cutting up veggies. And the people are kind to us,” says Vicki.

Sonia says her home town of Quirindi is very small and there’s not much to do. When the local day program closed down, the sisters were looking for another program they could attend.

“Two of our support workers live in Quirindi so this means they are able to bring Sonia and Vicki to Tamworth to access our program,” explains Wesley.

“They have friends here and they are building their independence. They go to the shops to buy things and they don’t always need us to assist them. They ask for help when they need it, but they are very independent.”

Sonia agrees: “Yes, sometimes shopping is a bit hard with the money and change, but mostly I’m right with mine.”

Wesley says the Northcott staff are working with Sonia and Vicki to increase their independence and find more opportunities for them to take part in local Aboriginal activities.

“One of our support workers is Aboriginal. He’s heavily involved with the community. There are also a lot of events happening in Tamworth so we take Vicki and Sonia as much as possible,” Wesley says.

“Sonia and Vicki are looking forward to what they can achieve with Northcott.”

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