Sex and Disability – the low down on Feel the Vibe

By Travis Bellamy, 28 October 2016 , Comments

Hear what one of our customers Travis Bellamy thought of our Feel the Vibe Expo which was held in Campbelltown last week…

We all want to experience sex whether it’s having intercourse or in other ways like masturbation – its normal, but for most people with a physical disability getting the tension released can be hard and in most cases impossible.

Last Friday, Northcott held their annual Feel the Vibe Expo which is sort of like Sexpo for people with disability. They sold things like lube, condoms and other things.

One thing I found with the Expo was they didn’t just focus on the heterosexual sexual side but they also catered for same sex relationships which I think is very important in this day and age when people can be proud of who they are with out worrying about getting put down about it. I’m not saying that everyone should like it because that’s unrealistic, but everyone needs to respect each other.

As I was looking around the room I saw a table with these two life sized dolls, which sparked my curiosity so I went to ask what they were. The lady behind the desk said they were companion dolls that you could take to bed to have fun or just lay with.

The good thing about the dolls is the buyer can design them online to suit their taste.

The next table had toys so dildos and all that. One good product was this tube that you attached onto the wall for males.

Then we sat around and watched some Burlesque dancing, which was interesting. Actually one of the dancers and I got talking and taking selfies before adding each other on Facebook before her final dance.

I want to finish off by congratulating Alicia Melta (the organiser of Feel the Vibe) on a successful night.

Travis Bellamy at Feel the Vibe



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