Northcott Telecare

Telehealth is therapy via an online video call. Northcott’s Telehealth program is called Telecare.

You can use your computer, phone or tablet to see and hear your clinician on screen. Our Telecare program is designed in Australia by the CSIRO and is the leading program used by healthcare professionals.

Northcott Telecare is interactive and engaging, there are lots of activities that you will be able to do through Telecare including play games, watch videos, use a white board and more.

Benefits of Telecare

  • You will get the same high quality, individual therapy as you would in person.
  • Less funds used on travel, so you can get the most sessions possible.
  • If you live far away, you can see a therapist from anywhere – this means less time on a waiting list.

Lots of the face-to-face activities in a therapy session can happen over Telecare as well. Our therapy team can help work out if Telecare is right for you.

Frequently asked questions

Northcott Telecare FAQs

Isn’t face to face Therapy better?

You have choice and control on how the session are conducted. Some may prefer face to face sessions but for others, Northcott Telecare is convenient. The sessions also do not include any travel time for you or the Therapist so you may be able to have more sessions with your NDIS plan.

Whether online or face to face, the sessions are conducted by the same qualified and experienced Northcott Therapist.

It’s my first time using Telecare, can I test it before my session?

Yes, you can test your device and internet connection on this link

I don’t have an NDIS plan, can I still access therapy?

Yes, we provide therapy to both NDIS participants and for fee paying customers.

There are no therapists near me, can I still use Northcott?

Yes, Northcott Telecare can be delivered to any location. If you have difficulty finding a therapist in your local area but want to engage a qualified and experienced therapist, we can deliver therapy to you via Northcott Telecare.

Why have we changed our telehealth program?

Northcott Telecare provides a better experience that has been specifically designed for telehealth.

Why don’t we just use Zoom?

We value your privacy and Northcott Telecare provides higher security features for your protection.

Do I have to download anything?

No, it is completely within your web browser.

What do I need?

– A device with a microphone and camera

– On a computer, laptop or android device: Chrome browser

– On an iPad or iPhone: Safari browser

– Internet connection

– Quiet, well lit room

Is it secure?

Extremely secure, Northcott Telecare meets Australian security standards.

How much data does it use?

It is similar to other web chat programs such as Skype and FaceTime.

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