Housing and Supported Independent Living during
the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Housing and Supported Independent Living

Northcott believes people with disability should be able to choose where they live.

Our own Housing options include units, villas and single-storey homes. Each offers its own unique features including accessibility, assistive equipment and closeness to local amenities.

Some of our customers live alone and some live with housemates in a Northcott supported home. We have taken extra steps to ensure the health and wellbeing of both customers and staff.

Our measures to keep safe continue

We have been asked by NSW Health to change the way that we provide support, especially in South Western Sydney. These changes are designed to stop the spread of the virus and keep everyone safe.

Across Northcott we are also using other measures to stay safe.

• All of our houses have strict checks in place to ensure that visitors are kept to a minimum and that they are screened on arrival, including whether they have been to any COVID-19 hotspots or critical locations (where you must get immediately tested and self-isolate). You can find an up-to-date list of the hotspots and critical locations on the NSW Government website.

• All of our staff undertake a self-evaluation process around their health every day before coming to work. If they are sick, they stay at home and get tested for COVID-19. We also check their temperature before they are allowed to enter our centres or facilities.

• Infection control, hygiene and hand washing are all enforced and all staff have received extra compulsory training in these areas.

• We are cleaning our homes more often and making sure that there is non-sharing of utensils, equipment and personal items. We are also maintaining social distancing.

• Your Support Worker may also be wearing a face mask. This is because they live in South Western Sydney*.

Additional changes for housing customers in South Western Sydney*

If you live in one of Northcott’s houses in South Western Sydney, we have some additional advice from NSW Health. They are asking that we limit the number of visitors coming into the houses to only essential people. This means that the only people who can go into the houses are Northcott staff who work there, or other people in an emergency.

We understand that this means that we would like you to not have any visits from friends and family, and we will support you to contact them by phone or through video apps.

* South Western Sydney means all of the suburbs covered by: Camden Council; Campbelltown City Council; Fairfield City Council; Liverpool City Council; Wingecarribee Shire; and Wollondilly Shire.


We still have a range of vacancies and housing options if you are looking for somewhere to live. Our Vacancies section has information on what is currently available.