Centre Based Respite

Our Centre Based Respite services support children and adults with disability to:

  • Have some time away from family and take a break from daily routine by staying in an accessible home-away-from-home
  • Meet people with similar interests and take part in fun activities in an accessible environment
  • Find temporary or medium term accessible accommodation after an operation or injury or while looking for something more permanent or long term.

Our Respite services are offered from accessible properties that have been modified to meet the needs of children and adults with disability.

Our services also provide the opportunity for carers to relax and recharge while knowing their loved one is properly cared for in a comfortable, friendly, accessible and supportive environment.

Our North Rocks respite service

The North Rocks Respite House offers weekends away for children and adults with disability in a supportive, friendly and comfortable environment. The house is a fully-equipped, single storey property offering a comfortable and supportive environment where customers can relax and have fun while building their independence in an accessible home-away-from-home.

Set back from the road, the North Rocks Respite House offers indoor and outdoor living areas. This secure property provides privacy to all guests and with a shopping centre, park and tennis courts close by, this conveniently located house has something for everyone to enjoy.

Who can access and when

Any person who has NDIS funding and is able to be supported in a group environment can access the North Rocks Respite House. This includes:

  • Children from seven to 17-years-old
  • Adults from 18-years-old

Weekend stays consists of two 24 hour periods from Friday afternoon through to Sunday afternoon with drop off from 3pm Friday and pick up by 3pm Sunday. Contact us now to find out about our availability.

Benefits of the service

  • Participate in fun activities
  • Spend time with friends
  • Meet new people
  • Develop social skills
  • Build confidence
  • Learn skills to develop your independence
  • Opportunity for new experiences in the community

What we can offer

Our respite services are located in accessible houses. We run unique programs and activities which are updated every three months based on the needs and wants of those who stay with us.

We recognise that each individual has specific and unique needs. During a stay at one of Northcott’s respite homes, you will have the opportunity to meet people with common interests, discover new activities and nurture your hobbies. Your stay will be planned based on your individual needs and wants.

To ensure that our staff understand your needs, prior to the stay you will be invited to visit our accessible centre for a short visit of up to four hours.

Our qualified, accredited and committed team provide different types of respite:

Short overnight stays for adults with disability

We provide the opportunity for a weekend away from home in one of our fully equipped, safe, comfortable and accessible respite homes, with experienced and qualified staff to support you. Stay for one night or multiple nights. Join in fun activities supported by our staff or in the community with adults with similar interests.

Short term accessible accommodation for adults

We can provide short term accommodation in specially modified houses so you can take a break from your normal routine or give a carer some time to rest and recharge. Our experienced and qualified staff will support you with doing the things you want during your stay. Our staff develop and run great programs either on-site or in the community.

Our short term accessible accommodation is also available to those who need to rehabilitate after major surgery or injury before returning home. Our staff have the skills and qualifications to support you to recover.

Medium term accessible accommodation for adults

If you are waiting for long term accessible accommodation, we can provide a medium term solution that meets your support needs for a short defined period.

Day Care Program during school holidays

Our friendly centre staff are available to support children during school holidays so they can participate in fun activities, make new friends and develop their social skills. Children can bring their friends from school to join in the fun. We also organise fun overnight stays for children with disability. Our programs vary from centre to centre so contact us for more information.

Details about our holiday programs can be found in the events section of our website. Bookings must be made in advance. All holiday programs available in our accessible respite homes come with the option of overnight stays.

Specialist Supported Living (SSL)

Our centre in Liverpool provides Specialist Supported Living (SSL) for children and adults with complex medical needs. This service is supported by registered nurses and is suitable for children or adults who require nursing care around the clock. 

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What our customers can expect from us

We are committed to you. As part of our service delivery, you can expect:

Personalised service

We will discuss your individual needs so we can support you with achieving your goals.

Varied programs

We regularly update the programs running at our respite centres so we can meet the unique and specific needs of our diverse customers.

Easy access to services

Our qualified and experienced staff will support you with participating in activities at our centre or in the community – depending on your needs and wants.

When and where Centre Based Respite is available

Our Centre Based Respite services run in various locations across NSW. Each service is located in an accessible property and operates its own program of activities. Where both adults and children’s services are available, programs run on different days of the week.

Respite accommodation and programs for children are available in:

  • Blair Athol
  • Georges Hall
  • Girraween
  • North Rocks
  • Roselands

Respite accommodation and programs for adults are available in:

  • Bidwill
  • Blacktown
  • Bradbury
  • Cabramatta
  • Condell Park
  • Girraween
  • North Rocks
  • Roselands

Our Specialist Supported Living service is located in Liverpool and supports children and adults with complex needs.

Staff at our centres cannot accept you or your child without a prior booking.

Funding information

Our Centre Based Respite service can be paid for using funding through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), iCare, Health or other sources such as private funds.

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