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Michelle’s eight-year-old daughter Lily has epilepsy, autism and cerebral palsy and was non-verbal. Speech therapy sessions with Northcott have given Lily the power of communication.

“She started coming out with all these new sounds and she was really trying to talk. We were just happy for her because I can’t imagine how frustrating it would be,” says Michelle.

Northcott therapists are working with Lily and her family to support her to learn communication skills and develop confidence and independence to reach her full potential.

With your generous donation, together we can support more children like Lily to achieve their goals and be the best they can be.

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Give a Gift in Celebration or Memory

This is a positive and unique way to celebrate your special occasion or honour the memory of a loved one while also showing people with disability matter to you.

If you wish to collect donations for Northcott at your next event or at a funeral or memorial, we can provide gifting envelopes and assist with collection.

Please contact for more information.

Corporate Partnerships

A corporate partnership may involve donating through your payroll, staff volunteering opportunities, in-kind or pro bono support, or providing employment and work experience opportunities for people with disability.

However you choose to help, we work with you to ensure that the partnership meets your business objectives. 

We invite our current and future corporate partners to get in touch with us to set up a time to visit our services, organise a volunteer day, or to make an in-kind donation.

Contact for more information. 

Buy May Gibbs merchandise

In her will, May Gibbs left copyright of all her works jointly to Northcott and Cerebral Palsy Alliance so all proceeds from the sale of May Gibbs products support thousands of Australian children and adults with disability.

By purchasing May Gibbs’ merchandise you are supporting our work to ensure children and adults with disability reach their potential.

May wrote many wonderful stories that have entertained Australian children (and adults!) for 100 years. Head to the…

Posted by May Gibbs on Wednesday, May 11, 2016