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Do you remember how you felt as a young adult finishing high school? Facing the uncertainty of what your next steps in life would be - moving from structure and routine to suddenly having to forge your own way ahead in every aspect of life, including having to form new relationships?

For any young adult, this can be daunting, but imagine also having disability - one that limits your ability to perform everyday tasks for yourself and leave your own home. Growing up gets even  harder!

Meet Blake: He is 21-years-old and has cerebral palsy with quadriplegia. Blake can’t bear weight and has very limited use of his left arm and his legs. Tasks like showering and brushing his teeth are impossible for Blake without support from someone else. He cannot walk, so uses a motorised wheelchair. 

Can you help us support a young person with disability to access the ongoing support they need to be independent?

Northcott carers come twice a day to assist Blake with in-home tasks. These are tasks that many of us take for granted - simple things like getting up and out of bed in the morning and preparing for the day. Even things like eating are a challenge for Blake – his mum and carer support him by cutting up his food. They also dispense his medication and assist with washing and ironing his clothes.

Despite these obstacles, Blake told us he wants nothing more than to be independent. He said his goal is to one day move out of home and live on his own – as a self-reliant adult. Northcott is working with Blake to achieve this goal with an individualised plan.

When we asked Blake what his life would look like without Northcott’s programs, he replied “I’d be very lonely. I would like to thank you, Northcott donors, because your support continues the hard work of Northcott. Their programs have made me a more independent person. I would be mentally down if I didn't have Northcott in my life.”

Unfortunately, there are still many other young adults like Blake facing a journey with much uncertainty and challenges to overcome. Your tax deductible donation will help Northcott continue to provide services that young people with disability, like Blake, need.

If you have any questions regarding your donation please call 1300 378 243  or email