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Can you imagine a childhood without making friends, attending birthday parties or playing sport? Unfortunately, this is a situation in which many children with disability find themselves when they are not able to access the support they need to thrive. Even in the world of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), there is so much more that we can do to help children like Sabah to reach their potential. Your gift will change lives and avoid the heartache of missed opportunities!

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Your donation will help Sabah learn how to communicate

When you meet 10-year-old Sabah and see her beautiful and cheeky smile, it’s impossible to imagine all her pain and struggles. Many disabilities are not visible. Sabah has Oral-Facial-Digital Syndrome and Global Development Delay. She has a severe tongue-tie, which stops her from forming words and makes it difficult for Sabah to chew solid food. She also struggles with her motor skills, speech, cognitive skills, and social and emotional development.

To communicate, Sabah uses gestures, visuals and vocalisations. Sadly, she often feels frustrated and distressed. Sabah uses an iPad to communicate. Being able to practise using her device to communicate with children her age at therapy group sessions and day trips is not only a way to build Sabah’s confidence; it is also a space for her parents to connect with other parents and to share their experiences in a supportive environment.

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“Giving to Northcott means that children like Sabah will be able to communicate. The more time we get to spend with Sabah, either one-on-one or practising through groups with other children, the more confident she gets with her device. Our aim is for her not just to use it with her teachers, but also use it to communicate at home, in the playground and wherever she goes.” - Candice, Sabah’s therapist.

The benefits Sabah can receive from her therapy are endless, especially through her crucial developmental years

By donating today, you’ll be supporting Sabah, and children like her, to participate in the world around them. Sabah will be able to practise using her device to communicate with children her age. Your donation will allow us to increase the number of group therapy sessions and supported day trips, making these children feel empowered and included rather than singled out and different.

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