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The recent lockdown has been hard on all of us – and even more so on people living with disability. The imposed change to their routines due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) is so challenging. However, using online technology and one-on-one support when needed, we are taking our courses direct to those who need them most. An inability to travel due to health and wellbeing concerns should be no impediment to learning.

To do this we need to provide additional equipment and produce adequate online resources for online learning. Technology will cut the distance.

“I like jumping on(line) and seeing my friends. Hearing them laugh and seeing them brings me joy. It removes negative thoughts from my head and makes me feel happy. I love seeing them. It’s like they are my family.”

One of the great things about this technology is that not only does it help keep our customers in touch with their essential services, it also allows them to maintain contact with friends who they may not otherwise see for months due to the pandemic.

Even as restrictions are gradually lifted, we expect to continue these sessions. They are going to be incredibly important for our customers moving forward, especially if they live in remote areas where it is often difficult to access services.

Your tax deductible donation before June 30 can make a real difference today, as we will be able to use it immediately to provide services during COVID-19.

If you would like to hear more about our essential services to young people with disability and how YOU can make a change, please call 1300 378 243 or email