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You can help us empower young adults with disability through your generosity.

Kayla, a charming young woman, has dreams and aspirations just like many women her age and she is determined to fulfil them all. She has gone from never wanting to leave the house, to being an active and engaged member of her community who is busy making exciting plans for her future.

Kayla was determined to not let her disability get in her way, so she devised a plan  to enable her to realise her potential – with no exceptions. Everyone needs support throughout their life journey and Kayla knew the perfect people to call upon to meet her own needs.

“When I got to the end of high school and began to think about my future, I knew I needed Northcott’s support. When I left school I started going to the Every Day Life Skills program. Through the program I have grown so much and everyone around me can see it” – Kayla 

After a few weeks in the program, Kayla made new friends and her anxiety became significantly more manageable. She has also learnt how to prepare and cook healthy meals, manage a budget and organise her own medical appointments.

“My mum is getting older and my grandad’s not well, so mum wants to make sure I have support for when she is no longer around. With the skills I learn at Northcott, I will eventually be able to move out of home and have the expertise of Northcott staff that I know and trust there to support me.” – Kayla 

Unfortunately, there are still many other young adults like Kayla facing a journey with much uncertainty and challenges to overcome. Your tax deductible donation will help Northcott continue to provide services that young people with disability, like Kayla, need.

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