Campaign Monitor staffers ‘Give Back’

By Kate Reid, 17 July 2018 , Comments

Russell, a volunteer from our corporate partner, Campaign Monitor, first came to know Northcott through his sister-in-law, former customer and employee, Nabila.

Through Campaign Monitor’s Giving Back Program, Russell and his colleagues have participated in many different volunteering opportunities with our customers. We spoke to Russell to find out more about his volunteering experience.

Why did you want to be involved in volunteering with Northcott?

I have seen first hand the amazing work that Northcott does, in particular watching my sister-in-law go through the Transition to Work program (now called Vocational Skills) which has allowed her to become an independent and contributing member in society. She now travels by herself, is a valued member of her team and works for PwC – which is one of the leading firms in its industry.

What events/activities have you participated in with Northcott?

I’ve been fortunate to be involved in a bunch of activities – with hopefully more in future! I was involved in the running of a BBQ, cupcake and gardening day at Northcott’s Roselands respite house; I assisted in the setup of the Parramatta Life Skills ARTLife exhibition; I supported golfers and the Northcott Fundraising department at the Northcott Golf Day, and I participated in a gardening and BBQ day at Northcott’s Guildford Accommodation service.

What did you enjoy most about your experience with Northcott?

Meeting the incredible Northcott staff who work tirelessly to bring inclusiveness to our society. I always come away with great perspective on life when I watch the work that they do.

What have you gained from your volunteering experience?

A sense of community and feeling of accomplishment that we can assist in some small way.

What drives your passion for supporting people with disability?

We are lucky at our company, Campaign Monitor, we have a wonderful program called ‘Giving Back’ – which is one of my favourite things that we do. Employees are able to take one day every quarter to find a cause that is meaningful to us. Watching my sister-in-law participate in society like everyone else inspires me to try to do the same for others in that situation. I have a fundamental belief that everyone deserves to play an active role in society. To have opportunities to witness this first hand, and to have my other colleagues join in to see the great work Northcott does, is a great thing for our Giving Back program.

What would you say to somebody else considering volunteering in some capacity?

It may not be easy to schedule it in at times with work commitments, however, making a difference to someone else’s life, even for a short while, is very rewarding.

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