People with disability invited to share thoughts on sexuality

By Kate Reid, 24 July 2018 , Comments

There aren’t many spaces where disability and sexuality is openly discussed. But Northcott Innovation aims to change that by encouraging people with disability who identify as LGBTQI, or questioning, to express themselves through the ‘Velvet Expressions’ research project.

The ‘Velvet Expressions’ sessions are a series of evenings of wild and wonderful conversations that aim to lift the lid on sexuality and disability.

After a successful first session, Northcott Innovation will be holding another free Velvet Expressions session on Wednesday 1 August at 6:30pm at Epping Hotel and people with disability are encouraged to attend to discuss subjects such as barriers to sexuality, sexual expression, love, dating, adult entertainment and more.

“We believe in collaborative solutions and that always starts with hearing from people who are directly impacted by the problem,” Innovation Officer Aleen said.

“Velvet Expressions aims to do that by giving people with disability the opportunity to share their stories, thoughts and opinions on how sexuality/adult themed services, products, events and activities can be more inclusive.”

The sessions allow people with disability to get together in a safe and social environment and talk about a subject that is still seen as a taboo – sexuality and disability.

“Unfortunately, society often fails to recognise that people with disability have the same wants and needs as everyone else,” Aleen said.

“We are all complete and complex beings and sexuality is a big part of that. Velvet Expressions is all about changing the sexuality narrative to include people with disability.”

The sessions are led by trained Northcott staff who are passionate about creating an inclusive environment for people with disability, and attendees have the opportunity to talk either one on one or in a group – depending on their comfort level.

Steven Leask attended the first Velvet Expressions session – which was held earlier this month at O’Donoughes Irish Pub in Western Sydney – and had such a positive experience that he is keen to attend future sessions.

“It’s definitely important to have more events like this in other places and I’ll probably come as I have more things to say about this topic,” he said.

“I would definitely encourage people to come along as having friends there makes the situation comfortable for those who might be scared of opening up.”

This will be the final Velvet Expressions session and places are limited. To register your interest, or to find out more, please contact Northcott Innovation at or call 9890 0591.

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