One stop JobAccess shop driving disability employment

By Ryan Young, 7 July 2016 , Comments

A one stop shop for anyone wanting information about disability employment is now open online.

A screenshot from the JobAccess website showing a person with disability and information on the website that is available to them.

The JobAccess website includes heaps of information to help people with disability looking for, or employed in, a paid job.

Information for businesses who might want to employ a person with disability is also on the site.

A screenshot from the JobAccess website that shows a photo of a male employer and information designed to assist employers looking to recruit a person with disability.

Organisations that deliver employment services to people with disability are also able to access information about their rights and responsibilities, along with tools to educate others and promote JobAccess.

A screenshot from the JobAccess website that shows a photo of a woman talking to someone on the telephone. There is information about how the JobAccess website can help service providers working to get more people with disability employed.

Here are some brilliant videos you can find on the site too. They describe the range of experiences people with disability have in the workforce.

Take a look at the site and let us know what you think of it!


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