Northcott joins ‘NEST’ – a new website for people with disability looking for a home

By Luisa Bustos, 16 May 2018 , Comments

Choosing where to live is one of the biggest decisions anyone can make. From picking the best location for your lifestyle, to making sure a home has the features you need and want – there’s a lot to consider. However, for people with disability looking for specialist disability accommodation (SDA), simply knowing where to find properties that meet their needs and wants can be the first hurdle.

That’s why Northcott is excited to be part of a growing list of disability housing providers that have registered on Nest, a new website matching people with disability to housing that meets their support and funding requirements, as well as personal choices.

Nest has been developed by Northcott Innovation, a subsidiary of Northcott, to provide people with disability, and their carers and support workers, with a free, easy to use and convenient way to search for and choose SDA.

The site works by matching the needs and wants of users (people with disability) to properties listed by SDA and Supported Independent Living (SIL) providers (like Northcott) that fit requirements including support and funding needs, and lifestyle preferences – such as location and features.

To be matched with a property on Nest, people with disability or their carers create a profile outlining their support and funding requirements and personal preferences. Nest then automatically matches the user’s profile with properties listed on the website that fit their needs and wants. Users can then apply for their preferred properties. The provider responsible for the listing will be notified of the application so they can review and shortlist eligible applicants, manage tenancies and fill vacancies quickly.  

Northcott currently has 29 vacancies listed on Nest. If you are a person with disability looking for SDA, we encourage you to register with Nest, create your personal profile and start searching. The more information you provide on Nest, the better the matches will be. At the moment, there are more than 100 properties from a range of providers listed on the site.

If you are a carer of someone with SDA funding, you can also use Nest to find suitable properties on their behalf.

Northcott support workers and support coordinators are also encouraged to explore Nest as a way to support customers who are looking to move out of home or find a new house. Support workers and support coordinators can register with Nest and set up profiles for multiple customers.

Northcott Innovation Executive Director Samantha Frain said: “Nest gives people with disability the chance to truly match their needs and desires for a home with SDA vacancies in a simple platform that is easy to use. Even if they are just thinking about moving out or moving homes, NEST allows them to search for suitable properties and see what is available that meets their requirements. If they find something they like, all they have to do to apply is click a button.”

Northcott customer, Aaron McMahon (pictured above) is someone who has already registered with Nest. While Aaron is happy in his current home, he would like to move closer to his two sisters and their kids. Aaron sees Nest as a tool that will help him find suitable options for his next home.

For more information on Nest, visit the website.

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