“There are no limitations to what I can do” – Shirley talks ART LIFE

By Shirley Wong, 12 December 2016 , Comments

I am 27 years old and I have been participating in Northcott’s Life Skills Program at Parramatta for eight years. During my time I have gained confidence and independence through a number of programs such as cooking, fitness, presentation and facilitation workshops, Art and lots more.

The team and I are now counting down the days until our art exhibition, ‘ART LIFE – Unleashing the Potential Within’ and we are getting really excited.

Everyone has been working hard as a team to get the art exhibition happening. This includes brainstorming titles, filming and editing, making background music for the promo video and most importantly, the artists have been busy creating their artworks!

The idea I had for my artwork was that I wanted to create a 3D flower. I used cardboard and the colours and patterns I chose start from the bottom layer and build to the top. It took a long time to perfect but I was determined to do it correctly so it would be the way I wanted it to be. I am very proud of my work and hope you will like it too.

Being part of the committee and creating my artwork has made me feel like I was able to unleash my potential. To me “unleashing the potential” means that there are no limitations to what I can do even though I have physical challenges. It doesn’t stop me from having a go and having fun! Anything is possible if you set your mind to it!

I’m hoping to get lots of people through the door of the exhibition to see the wonderful artworks, including mine to showcase our abilities.

Food, beverage and artworks will be available for purchase so come along and see what we have achieved! You will also get an opportunity to talk to the artists about their artworks and what the exhibition means to them.

It will be a great day out!

For more information on the ART LIFE exhibition visit the event page on our website.



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