New technology gives wheelchair users more options

By Sevinc Maccue, 13 January 2017 , Comments

Sevinc Maccue is a Northcott customer and an Advisor on Inclusive Practice. She recently tested out some new equipment to use with her wheelchair. Here’s her review of how she found it:

A few weeks ago, I tried out some new technology for driving myself in my chair. It’s called a Head Ray.

You can see me testing this out here:

The Head Ray is like a normal headrest that you put in your wheelchair, except it has buttons inside the headrest so you can control the chair with your head. If you lean on the headrest, the wheelchair will drive you forward, if you turn your head right, you will drive to the right and if you turn your head left, you turn your wheelchair to the left.

To drive backwards it’s really cool! You tap your headrest once with your head and then you just drive the chair how you would when you go forward.

The Head Ray new technology is really fantastic for people who can’t drive their wheelchair with their hand. I can drive with my hand, but I have more control if I drive my chair with my head, because if I have a spasm in my hand while driving, quite often I will crash my chair into something, which has happened often at Northcott.

Once I was trying to drive myself into the Life Skills room during the morning and then I had a spasm in my hand while driving and I crashed into the Northcott kitchen. I didn’t know what to do, because there were no Life Skills staff around and I couldn’t move my hand to try and go backwards. Luckily the old Life Skills Coordinator was downstairs and helped me manoeuvre my chair out of the area it was in and into the Life Skills room.

Now, it’s much better and more productive for me to drive myself with the Head Ray.

I am very excited to say that I am applying for a Head Ray with my new wheelchair that will be bright pink!


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