Moving on and following her passion

By Liz Hopkins, 1 November 2017 , Comments

Chloe Jordan was ‘shy and didn’t like going out’ according to her Mum. That was in 2015 before she met Emma. Emma was the Northcott worker Chloe chose to support her to get her Learner’s permit, learn to cook and get fit!  Those were Chloe’s three NDIS goals as part of her building capacity through Northcott’s Everyday Life Skills service.

Chloe and Emma had an awesome time together – although Emma didn’t cook either, and didn’t think walking is an option when you can drive!  Over the year, Chloe’s confidence improved massively – she got fit and healthy, got her L’s and a lot more besides. In 2016 she ended the year by giving a keynote conference speech to 350 people at Brisbane’s International Conference Centre.

A year later we’ve gone back to ask Chloe what she’s up to…

Chloe is incredibly busy – she waitresses 6 days a week in the busy Vintage Rose Café in Lambton – only a 5-minute drive from home, which gives her more time to indulge her passion – her miniature horses. They are stabled 30 minutes away at Salt Ash, Chloe is there every day of the week, mucking out the stables, cleaning the yard and exercising her horses. This year she made it to the 2017 Independent Miniature Horse Registry National Show in Tamworth – showing off her horses doing performance work over three long days – starting at eight in the morning and finishing at midnight.  Chloe ran alongside the horses as they jumped, ran through gates and hoops – they got quite a few third and second ribbons and even a first. Next year she is aiming for medals!

Chloe doesn’t have much time for the walking she used to do with Emma. On her one day off she volunteers at Riding for the Disabled Australia at Raymond Terrace.

“I’m going to take my driving test next week. I’ve been on my green Ps for two years. I’m also saving up for a new car. I’ve saved $8,000 so far, probably need another $10,000. I can’t decide between a Mazda CX5 or a ute to pull my horses”.

“My life has really changed. I’m always going out to town for dinner with my friends, going for drives. Tonight I’m driving an hour to a friend’s house. She broke her leg in a horse accident. This year I’ve had weekends away in Brisbane and Melbourne. I loved the shopping and street art in Melbourne.  I’m going camping in the bush for New Year’s and am planning to go to Texas on holiday next year”.

Now Chloe doesn’t need support from Emma, and she doesn’t need help from the National Disability Insurance Scheme either. Having built up her confidence and skills she now has a busy work life and a great social life.

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