Meet Pav the fruit man!

By Jess Capulopo, 9 October 2017 , Comments

Bananas, apples and oranges…you’ll find them all at Pav’s fruit shop. The 22 year-old has been putting his life skills into practise by making fruit runs to Northcott staff in North Parramatta.

Pavle, who has intellectual disability and cerebral palsy, attends Northcott’s Life Skills Program. Always willing to put his hand up, he helps out with many jobs including recycling, washing cars and doing laundry.

When Pavle expressed that one of his goals is to get a job and earn money, Northcott Coordinator Jess Irwin knew she had just the role for him. “Pavle was looking for a new challenge and the fruit project was a perfect way to support him to realise his aspiration,” says Jess.

Every week Pavle distributes fruit amongst baskets (designed by his friends in the Life Skills art class); he makes deliveries to office kitchens and communicates with staff along the way. He has also learnt to safely lift boxes, use a box cutter knife and count money.

Pavle is very proud of what he has achieved so far and believes he was chosen because he’s a good worker. “I am really happy because I do all the work by myself and that makes me feel good,” says Pavle.

And when it comes to his pick of the basket, he’s doesn’t play favourites. “I eat fruit every day at recess. Pears, kiwifruit, apples… I love them all!”

Staff make gold coin donations for their fruit fix and all money raised goes back into supporting the Life Skills Program.

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