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By Madeleine Donkin, 10 July 2017 , Comments

Vik Murthy was working as an Area Manager in retail sales and simply got to the point where he didn’t feel a sense of reward or achievement any more.

“I was over it and I really wanted a change to work in a job where I could truly contribute to the community.” says Vik. “I had previously worked overseas at camps for children and adults with disability, so when I saw the Vocational Skills Advisor role advertised for Northcott, I decided to give it a go.”

From there, Vik moved into a Coordinator role and then last year, as Northcott prepared for the NDIS roll out in South West Sydney, he started his role as an Individual Plan Advisor (IPA).

“IPAs support people who have received their NDIS Plan to ‘unpack it’”, he tells. “For many people, understanding the NDIS and where to go for what [service] is really difficult, especially the first time,” Vik says. “I assist people to navigate Northcott’s supports and services, ensuring we find the right supports for them. Additionally, I am able to point people in the right direction for supports we may not be able to assist with.”

“I truly love my role. It’s great meeting different people and working with them to get the support they need. I have a very short, intermediary relationship with our customers, which is a shame, but I do get to check in with them again in 12 months’ time when it’s time for their NDIS Plan review. It is so rewarding to see how far people have come with support – support I had a part in them receiving!” beams Vik.

What are Vik’s top tips for people preparing for their NDIS planning meeting?

“It’s really quite simple,” he says. “Make sure you know what/who your current supports are and talk to the people that provide them for you so you thoroughly understand what’s involved.

“Once you have your Plan, don’t feel rushed into making any decisions. Take your time to think about what you’ve been funded for, when you want it, what is really important to you and who is going to be the servicer provider that is a best fit for your needs. Finally, call upon support from those that can assist. Local Area Coordinators (LACs) can get you started and if you are funded for Coordination of Supports, Support Coordinators will make sure you’re on the right path. Or ask Northcott!” Vik smiles.

“Our Customer Service Team knows the ‘ins and outs’ of the NDIS. Or you can meet with an IPA like me and I’ll be your advocate to make sure you get all you need to meet your current and future needs and goals so you can live the life you choose.”

 Vik makes it all seem so simple. “That’s my job!” he says. “The NDIS process isn’t simple, but my job is to make it simple for people I support. I have to deal with the headaches from time to time, but I truly feel like I am contributing to the community now and I wouldn’t change that for a thing.”


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