It’s all about ‘family’

By Madeleine Donkin, 5 June 2017 , Comments

Angelina Josevska is a Speech Pathologist (Clinical Specialist – Dysphagia). She has worked with Northcott for almost 3 years in the therapy team.

“I can’t remember the specific moment in time I decided I wanted to be a speech pathologist, but I think it had to do with the fact that when I was younger, I got laryngitis quite a lot and I was so frustrated by being unable to communicate. I find human nature extremely interesting and so much of how we interact all day, every day comes down to our language and communication. Being able to break down the barriers created by issues with communication is just so wonderful and rewarding.”

Angelina comes from a close, family of four. “My sister and I could not be more different”, she says. “We really are complete opposites. But family is family and I know mine are there for me if I need, and that’s a lovely, reassuring feeling.”

She feels the same about her ‘Northcott’ family’ who are the therapy team with whom she works. “I’ve worked in many different places over the years and everywhere has frustrating aspects, but with the Northcott team, I truly feel I am part of a family. We work together through issues and support each other if things get tough, either in or out of work. We all know we can ask anyone questions without judgement. They are a great bunch of people and we all share the same values… plus a wicked sense of humour which often comes out when we go for team drinks on Friday nights!”

“I know a supportive workplace like this doesn’t just happen by fluke. It’s about recruiting people who culturally ‘fit’ and align to Northcott’s values. It’s then about how people are managed so they feel supported, yet empowered in their roles. I love that about Northcott.”

Angelina is currently working on a three-month project to integrate a team of therapists and administrators from AsOne Therapy (an organisation based in the ACT that Northcott acquired late in 2016) to Northcott systems and processes. “I love the work I do in speech pathology, and genuinely miss many of the customers I was working with before this role, but I think it’s great that Northcott also recognises and acknowledges different skills in staff. They understand these skills are transferrable to other roles and ‘give us a go’ in different positions so we have the opportunity to upskill ourselves and truly advance our careers.”

Angelina explains, “It demonstrates Northcott is not just committed to realising the potential of our customers, but also our staff. How good is that!? Just like a close family I guess.”


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