Individual Plan Advisors take the stress out of accessing services

By Kate Reid, 18 September 2019 , Comments

You’ve made it through the NDIS process and you’ve finally got your funding, so what now? Life is busy, and it’s surely going to take a considerable amount of time to research and apply for services to turn that funding into action. Or is it?

Enter Northcott’s Individual Plan Advisors (IPAs). As IPA Leah Croft says to her customers, “let me worry for you”.

The role of an IPA is to be your own personal account manager, there to support you as you navigate the Northcott world. Their job is to tackle the little things, so that customers and their families and carers have more time to focus on the big things.

The role has been created to ensure that customers feel supported every step of the way, taking away the stress and hassle of accessing disability support services.

“Initially customers come to us either through our Customer Service team, or through coordinators or managers. Our role is to meet with families, to support them to understand the elements of their plan, or to understand how they can spend their funding,” Leah explains.

“For example, customers might come to us with a certain amount of funding and say “I want to build my independent skills in the kitchen”. We look at the goal they have and we look at how that can be achieved through the services we provide.

“That then gives us a scope to go “Okay, you can access this program one-on-one, you can access this program in a group.” Our job is to find support that is tailored towards the individual person’s needs.”

Once a customer has decided on the Northcott services that will support them to achieve their goals, the IPA assists them with signing up and completing documentation.

The support doesn’t stop there though; IPAs also make contact with customers regularly to see how things are going and manage any changes that the customer requires.

“We call customers to check in and see if they’re happy, if they’re not happy or want to re-schedule some services to make sure that they’re on track with their goals,” Leah said.

“Then toward the end of the plan we sit with customers and review what they have achieved, what they’re happy about, what they’re not happy about. We then put together a document called End of Plan Review that prepares them for their NDIS planning meeting. This review captures a holistic view of a customer’s current support needs, informal and formal supports along with any identified gaps that should be considered by the NDIA during their planning meeting.”

The benefits of having an IPA in your corner are numerous. Along with access to the IPA’s NDIS and service knowledge, customers get something even more valuable, one point of contact that frees them up to focus on the important things.

“My customers know that if they’ve got questions about their funding with Northcott, they can talk to Leah. Having that one person you can talk to and that one point of contact for your funding and for your plan, I think that’s unique,” Leah said.

“At Northcott we recognise the importance of family time, supporting loved ones and balancing everyday responsibilities. We designed the IPA role to free up time for customers to be able to focus on areas critical to them while we deal with the rest when it comes to service delivery.”

To get in touch with Northcott and be connected with an Individual Plan Advisor call us on 1800 818 286.

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