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By Kate Reid, 9 September 2019 , Comments

This week is Include a Charity Week, a nation-wide campaign led by the Fundraising Institute of Australia, which aims to highlight the benefits and raise the profile around leaving a gift to charity in a Will.

The campaign also aims to supports people through the sensitive and at times daunting prospect of leaving a gift to charity.

Bequests left to Northcott provide a lasting legacy that ensures the security and sustainability of our services, while allowing us to be innovative in how we support our customers with disability to reach their potential.

Currently, only 7.5% of Australians leave a gift to charity in their ill. Research reveals that more would be willing to do so, if simply asked by their Solicitor at the time of writing.

Former Northcott employee Jean Pitkin has decided to leave a gift in her Will, and says she made the decision after seeing what’s possible with adequate funding.

“Children are the future of Australia, and your gift to Northcott will ensure all become truly valued members of our society,” Jean said.

“Children with disability have numerous obstacles before them. The dedication of their parents in wanting them to achieve despite the obstacles and financial difficulties is very touching. The commitment staff at Northcott provide to all of their customers is a reminder that with the right support and attention we can all reach our full potential”.

Gifts in Wills are realised on average 7-10 years after their confirmation, so this important stream of income for charity is very much for the long-term. By directing investment to the sector, the positive impact made to our respective communities and society in general, is substantial.

When drawing up a Will or amending an existing one, it is strongly recommended you seek the advice of a specialist Solicitor in the field or the NSW Trustee and Guardian. It is important your wishes are properly expressed and the correct legal wording used. A Specific Gift amount is the most common form of bequest, followed by a percentage of the residual Estate, once all other requirements have been fulfilled.

If you’d like to safeguard Northcott’s future by leaving a lasting gift for future generations in your Will, contact our Bequests’ Specialist Nicole Forrest-Green on 02 9890-0113 or at


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