How “one snow obsessed ski bunny” carved up the slopes on her sit ski

By Gretta Serov, 10 October 2016 , Comments

As you all probably know way too well, it is a known fact of life that sometimes having a disability will mean you have to miss out on things. Although for a large percentage of us this is somewhat forgivable considering society is gradually softening due to the positive changes in technology as well as societal values. For me growing up it is safe to say that one of the main barriers for me was not being able to play or be an active member in a sport…. well this was until I hit the slopes to sit ski about 17 years ago.

Gretta Serov skiing

Hi, my name is Gret and I absolutely love and am proud  to consider myself a long time Sit Skier, or in other words one snow obsessed ski bunny. This is mostly because although the majority of people were brilliant in involving me in sport when I was at school, I still felt like I had less opportunities or expectations put on me while playing sports than my other mates due to my disability. I feel that it is for this reason, that I appreciated the opportunity to sit ski so much because to many of us it’s not just a ride. It’s a sport that we have the opportunity to be active participants and grow in.

Gretta Serov skiing

Personally this is a very unique occurrence  for me due to having a large amount of Cerebral Palsy which impacts on my upper body strength and control. It is the way that this issue is overcome when I am skiing that really impresses me because when I am skiing I am expected to lean to each side in order to steer myself while I’m on the slopes.

Because I have been aware that this has been my “job” while skiing I have been encouraged, by myself, by my family, friends and the fantastic volunteers/instructors at Disabled Wintersports Australia, to aim to develop my skills each time I ski which has been a very important part of my life. So much so that I was lucky enough to have my carer from Homecare along with her partner and my brother to take me skiing this year out of their own time because they knew it benefitted me so much.

So basically, if this is something you desire and would like to experience these are the steps you need to go through. Firstly go to Disabled Wintersports Australia site and apply for membership and select your skis depending on your abilities – which can be anything. Or if you’re apart of Northcott’s Recreation group I know they hold fantastic ski camps for both teens and adults each year, so I hope to see you on the slopes very soon.


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