How my love of reading led to The Royal Chronicles

By Christina Trajceski and Kate Reid, 19 August 2019 , Comments

This week is Book Week, which got us thinking about all our customers who love to read and write, like our Northcott Oak Flats Everyday Life Skills customer Christina!

Christina loves sharing her stories with Northcott staff, and often asks them for feedback on her medieval romance tales. The Oak Flats staff encourage her passion through supporting Christina to access educational opportunities to enhance her writing skills, and exploring competitions for her to enter.

So sit back, relax, and read on to find out why Christina loves writing, and enjoy an excerpt from her story The Throne.

I have always been into books and reading. Reading books is what inspired me to write in the first place. I have been writing stories ever since I was ten years old. I am now 23, so I’ve been writing for a while. I started off writing fantasy stories, because what else is a ten year old going to write about; and also because the fantasy books that I read were the ones that got me writing in the first place!

I feel like my writing has improved, especially after years of practice, but I have moved on from fantasy. For a while I was interested in Julius Caesar; reading novels about his life fascinated me. His life was just so interesting and fascinating, so I wrote quite a few stories about him and that’s how I started writing historical fiction.

I love writing and reading, it’s a nice escape from reality for me. At the moment I love writing medieval romances. I have been writing a series called The Royal Chronicles. Each one is a different love story filled with action, romance and intrigue.

To Be Queen is the first book in this series, with the princess who will be queen, Cordelia. This is followed up by The Queen, which is about her sister Elena and her struggles for love and freedom. Lastly, the one I just wrote is called The Throne, and it finishes up the series with an English king going  to visit the king of Italy with his daughter with one mission: for her to take over the throne.

I’m planning to write another series, which follows The Royal Chronicles characters’ children when they are all grown up.

I had fun writing The Royal Chronicles; it was a truly enchanting experience for me. Maybe someday in the future I will publish a book, which would be nice I think.

I have a sample from The Throne for you to read. Click here to check it out.

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