How I never let my disability stop me from getting a job

By Nabila Laskar, 28 April 2016 , Comments

After I completed high school I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do so I started the Transition to Work program run by Northcott.

During the three years I took part in this program, I learnt many work related skills like how to write a resume and cover letters, interviewing techniques and how to catch public transport on my own.  

Learning to catch public transport was important to me because I never had the confidence to do this on my own. Eventually I ended up being able to catch the three buses I need to so I could get from home to Northcott. This was a very big achievement that I never thought I would be able to do. I am now very confident in catching public transport on my own.

Soon after I completed TTW, and because I didn’t have a job yet, I wanted to do something to keep myself busy so I chose to volunteer at Northcott. I also used Northcott Employment Service to help me find part time work. Here I met my Employment Consultants who gave me a number of job descriptions I could apply for.

Last year I was given a job description for a corporate company named Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) for a Junior Administration role.  I was encouraged to apply and was supported to film a 30 second video for the Employers Connect recruitment website. I was also supported to write a cover letter and update my resume.

After submitting these I was contacted by the recruitment officer at PwC and asked to take part in a phone interview. I was successful in this. Then a couple of weeks after the phone interview I was contacted again and asked to attend a face-to-face interview.

Shortly after the interview I received a call from the interviewer who said that I was successful and I got the job! I was extremely happy to hear such good news and that made my day. I was so excited to share my good news with my family and friends. They were also very happy for me.

I started working at PwC in February this year. On my first day I was so excited about starting my new career.  I had my Employment Consultant come with me for support. I met my colleagues who were very welcoming and friendly and got a tour around the office surroundings.

I enjoy working at PwC so much and my favourite part of the job is learning something new each day.


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