How employment is helping me manage my anxiety and lead a full life

By Suzanna Poredos, 12 July 2016 , Comments

My name is Suzanna Poredos and I am 19 years old.

I have been using Northcott’s services for six months now as part of the Transition to Work (TTW) program.

This is my first year of the program. I have participated in the TTW sessions and completed some internal work experience.

I am currently completing a Certificate 2 in Business through Benchmark College. Later this month I will be starting a Certificate 4 in Youth Work at TAFE.

Northcott has inspired me to achieve as much as I can. I want to pursue youth work because many of Northcott’s customers are young people and I have seen a lot of lives changed in positive ways.

The reason I am trying to get the most out of my TTW experience, and to try everything I can, is because I am trying to manage my anxiety and live a full life.

The most exciting thing happened a few weeks ago when I got a job with Northcott as a part time paid employee as a Community Researcher. I am very grateful that I was short listed and then chosen.

My first few weeks at Northcott as an employee have been lovely.

On the first day I was introduced to my internal colleagues and supervisor. I was also given a tour of the office where I am working so I know where everything is.

I have been assigned a desk and computer and am now working next to some really inspiring and supportive colleagues.

On the second day, I completed some Northcott knowledge modules, and performed small errands like emailing and photocopying documents for colleagues who are based at a Sydney University.

My third day of work will be this week, and I will meet my external colleagues.

I will also be participating in a workshop where I will meet and talk to clients from a relationships and recognition project.

I am very excited to be in this position but I did not get here alone.

With the help of TTW staff, including my key worker, I have been supported to go in the direction of my dreams.

I have achieved so many different things this year but there is so much to do!  To finish my blog post I would like to end it in a quote from Walt Disney, who said  “All our dreams can come true- if we have the courage to pursue them”.


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