How Chelsea planned her NDIS goals

By Dinethra Nandakoban, 19 February 2019 , Comments

Creating a NDIS plan that works for you can empower you to make important choices to live the life you choose.

Thinking about your goals for the year, and what support you will need to achieve these goals, is a crucial starting point. Once you have a better understanding of your goals, you’ll be more confident to discover the options available and start working on your plan.

Northcott Vocational Skills and Everyday Life Skills customer Chelsea has been working with Northcott support workers on her NDIS goals for the year. Using the  ‘SMART’ goal planning, her support workers have created a plan that is ‘specific’, ‘measurable’, ‘attainable’, ‘realistic’ and ‘timely’.

Using the questions in Northcott’s factsheet Preparing for your NDIS planning session, we found out Chelsea’s goals (below) for the year that helped her create her plan. You too can use these questions to determine your goals for your plan.

What is your goal for 2019?

My goal for 2019 is to gain confidence and save more money.

Why is it important?

Saving money and becoming more confident are the most important things in surviving; if you’re not confident in yourself then who else is going to be confident in you? It’ll be easier to be taken advantage of and you won’t know how to defend yourself or take care of yourself.

Why is this a now goal?

Having money is an important part of life. It’s important to save money, not only for necessary things, but to learn to buy things and be confident, and to learn how to budget.

What supports do you need to achieve this goal?

There are two kinds of supports; there are human supports and financial supports. I had a look at my NDIS plan and there is financial funding for human supports (such as, support workers, counsellors, psychologists, government workers, specialised workers in the field etc.) and skills based supports (such as, Vocational Skills and Everyday Life Skills).

What is your future, long-term goal?

To get a job…and I’m already on track for that! I’m currently doing work experience at Target, which is local so I can walk or take a bus. I’m gaining more independence from taking Everyday Life Skills at Northcott.

After work experience, I’m hoping to work somewhere in the retail industry, preferably in sales or customer service doing returns.

What else do you need so you can reach your future goal?

I think I need more help with building my customer service skills and doing returns, as I’m still pretty slow. I also would like more skills in cleaning and tidying up sections at a more efficient pace. I’ll probably get those skills from more work experience.

What supports do you need to achieve this?

The same as my supports for my now goal, but slightly more work experience.

I have been undertaking extra work experience at Northcott, by delivering milk to the kitchens and printing paper at the office. I’m hoping to gain more skills over time and greater opportunities for work in the future – for part time work that I’m allowed to earn as long as it’s not above my pension.

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