Finding opportunities in changes of routine

By Natalia Carozzi, 30 June 2020 , Comments

The start of the year brought lots of joy for Northcott Vocational Skills customer Maddy Pham as she started her first job working in an admin role at a company in Wetherill Park. However, a couple of months later, the company she was working for couldn’t get enough supplies due to the COVID-19 situation, and employees were not able to go to the office for hygiene reasons.

Maddy, who lives in Mt Pritchard, was disappointed when she had to stay home as this was out of her routine, and she really missed going to work. But she embraced the situation and kept on looking for things to do while at home.

COVID-19 brought a new routine for Maddy, and although it felt disappointing at first, she kept busy attending Northcott Vocational Skills and Everyday Life Skills online and talking to friends. She was also able to do a MYOB course, which improved her skills for her emerging admin career.

“I could also finally find the time to exercise, which is good for me and to maintain my mental health. I got to learn lots of things being at home; because I’m doing the centre based programs at home, I learned how to use platforms like Edmodo, Google hangouts and Zoom, which is really good because now I will be able to keep using them,” says Maddy.

When asked about what she missed most while at home, she mentioned her independence – going out, going to work and seeing friends regularly.

Maddy is unsure whether she will be able to go back to the job she had, but staying home has given her opportunities to learn new things, which will enable her to get back into the workforce very soon.

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