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By Luisa Bustos, 1 December 2016 , Comments

John never thought he would find a job, so when the 27-year-old landed work experience and then his first paid job, everyone in his family was over the moon.

“I’d wanted to find a job since the time I left school. In April this year, I finally got one! Before I got the job, I was bored and sat around a lot even though I wanted to be busy at work,” says John.

John has an intellectual disability and has not yet mastered the skills to read and write. With support from Northcott, he discovered his passion and skill for working with wood.

“Siemie from Northcott has given me skills and confidence to introduce myself to people. She put me in touch with the local Men’s Shed and I teamed up with a volunteer from Northcott who taught me how to make possum boxes and bird houses.”

With his new woodworking skills, Northcott supported John to find work experience at a local timber door and window frame maker.

“It was good to learn how to do new stuff. I made new friends, learnt new skills and felt part of a team. After a few months, the business owner Tony had a chat with me and said I’m a good worker. I felt happy and then even better, when Tony told me he wanted me to work for him and get paid for it,” John says.

John now works Wednesdays and Thursdays in the timber workshop. He’s also busy outside of work, training with the local rugby union team, watching NRL and singing in a choir.

“My family is happy that I have a job, My mum said she was proud and my dad said ‘Congratulations!’. It has made me happy too because I never thought I would get a job. When I go to work on Wednesdays and Thursdays, these are some of my favourite days of the week. Now I’m saving up for a holiday on a cruise.”

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