Disability might try but it won’t stop me from carving my own path in life

By Selina Broxom, 15 July 2016 , Comments

My name is Selina Broxom and I’m 27 years old.

I have an undiagnosed illness that began when I was 19 and this unknown illness has left me wheelchair bound.

I consider myself to be physically disabled but with a sharp mind.

This is why I have started my Masters of Environmental Science and Management.

I am a proud recipient of Northcott’s Wendy Hall Scholarship.

I study on campus at the University of New England (UNE) in Armidale. It can get so cold here that it is warmer to hang out in the fridge!

I have found that studying at the university with a physical disability is uncommon but not impossible.

The UNE has been tremendous in helping me to extend my learning and it is home to some fabulous minds that are constantly at work. 

It’s a credit to the university that they have support networks like the special needs office and approachable lecturers.

When I enrolled in university I was so scared and I convinced myself that I made a huge mistake and wasn’t good enough.

I cried so much. My poor friends had to deal with me being a delirious mess over and over again. This was weeks before I even started.

Now I love being able to extend my knowledge again and while there are obstacles to overcome, and my poor friends will have to deal with a delirious mess many more times, I am doing what I love.

My point is; while what you love can make you cry and want to stay in bed all day, it is worth fighting for and being an entrepreneur in your field.

I’m now in my second trimester and have found that I mostly enjoy learning that requires little practical work and requires me to demonstrate my understanding of the content.

Learning is different for everyone and the biggest journey is finding what works for you.

I think it is really import to carve your own path in life.

I admit to being saddened by thinking that life’s milestones have been taken away from me; like owning a house and having kids, but all that programmed definition of success just has to be changed slightly to better fit the tunnel I have carved for my life.

I encourage everyone to carve a great tunnel and have fun doing it!

No one goes through life and thinks “I’m so happy I missed all the great times so I can have no friends and live alone in this house I bought!’’.

It is really important to live your life your way and take ownership of the failures and successes. They are the fabric of a full life.


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