Deanna and Christell’s journey to living independently

By Luisa Bustos, 25 June 2020 , Comments

When our customers Deanna and Christell talked about wanting to move out of their family homes, our Support Coordinators in Wagga Wagga listened – and took action.

“It was really important for the girls to have had the support of Northcott. It’s quite a long process and you really need to have ticked a lot of boxes,” explains Jessica Mawson, Deanna’s Support Coordinator.

The process began back in 2018 when Northcott started exploring what type of living arrangements the young women were looking for. Once it was determined Deanna and Christell would be well suited to living together, Northcott began to support them through the funding application process and house hunting. Our team also supported Deanna and Christell to prepare for their new way of life by providing opportunities for them to get to know each better while also learning skills for around the home.

“We had a look at their NDIS plans, what was suitable, what their needs were, what supports they would need at home, what skills they needed to develop, and what was going to be the best option for them,” says Jessica.

Northcott assisted with dealings with the National Disability Insurance Agency and made sure the women had everything they needed in their new home.

Our team was with Deanna and Christell every step of the way. When the pair moved into their new home, we were thrilled.

Deanna, Christell and the staff who supported them have shared their experiences throughout this journey in three short videos now available on Northcott’s YouTube channel.

Part 1 – Meet Deanna and Christell. In this video, the young women share their dreams and goals of moving out and building their independence.

Part 2 – Supporting Deanna and Christell. Northcott Support Coordinator Jessica Mawson shares how she supported Deanna and Christell – from gathering evidence for the NDIA and searching for suitable housing, to providing support to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Part 3 – A new home! We catch up with them to hear how they are settling in. Northcott Coordinator Kamen Thommers shares how our support workers are supporting Deanna and Christell to build their confidence and skills around the home.

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Are you thinking of moving out? Northcott has lots of housing vacancies and a team who can support you with accessing the right funding and support for your needs.


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