Adam Ladell to perform at gala

By Kate Reid, 30 October 2018 , Comments

For 23 years Northcott has been holding an annual cricket event to raise much-needed funds to support children and adults with disability.

This year, hundreds of our supporters will join us for a Cricket Gala Dinner at the Sydney Cricket Ground, with proceeds from the night going towards Northcott’s Recreation Service to ensure we can keep creating fun and social opportunities for people with disability.

The event will include a panel of cricketers, plus entertainment from former The Voice finalist Adam Ladell.

This week we caught up with Adam to chat music, The Voice, and how he’s using his platform to talk about disability and his experiences living with Tourette syndrome (Tourette’s).

When did you first discover your passion for music?

I was doing a school carols play in South Africa. They auditioned us all and I was told I had potential in my voice. So my parents got me to join the school choir and eventually I went to the Drakensberg Boys Choir School – which is a famous South African choir boarding school. I developed my passion there and have been singing ever since.

You were the runner up on season 5 of The Voice, what was that experience like?

Being on The Voice was absolutely life changing. The experience I got from being on TV, on stage in front of a huge audience, was unforgettable and it’s something you could never pay to learn. The advice from the coaches and the music team was absolutely fantastic and helped out a tonne. I think I also loved it because it gave me a platform to talk about Tourette’s and it really did change the way that people saw it.

Speaking of Tourette’s, you started a YouTube channel called Tic Twitch Teen (now called Adam Ladell) that features videos about living with Tourette’s. What drove you to create the channel?

I think it’s important to have a platform to share my experiences with my disability. When you have disability it’s so easy to feel alone in this world, it’s so easy to feel like you’re the only one and that no one understands because while a lot of people have disability, to find someone with the same disability as you isn’t as common.

When you have a community and videos to watch it helps people to feel less alone; it helps people feel like there’s other people out there that understand. When you can learn something from someone else about coping with disability and how to have a positive outlook, it’s just amazing. So that’s kind of my goal with it all.

You joined Northcott in 2016 for our Walk with Me disability inclusion event. Why are you keen to join us again for the Cricket Gala dinner?

I’m really passionate about the cause and the work Northcott does to fight for people with disability to try to get them equal opportunities, and to support them to experience life just like everyone else does and to reach their goals. I think that’s something I completely resonate with because I have disability, and while it may not be the most extreme disability, I agree that everyone should have the exact same opportunities to do what they want with their life.

The more money we can raise the more activities Northcott can put on for people with disability to make them feel included as part of the community. The world isn’t accessible to everyone at the moment and it’s important that we get to that place where everyone can live the same way.

I just 110% support Northcott.

You’re about to head into the studio to record new music, how does living with disability inform your songwriting?

I have written some songs about Tourette’s and the way that the public views it, but I think a lot of my songs come from my anxiety and depression. My mind works in a very weird way and I like to take that and work with it and try and make something that is positive and upbeat, or something that is relatable. I think a lot of people can relate to those feelings, but because I feel them so immensely it’s easier for me to turn them into a creative process.

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