A very Northcott Christmas

By Emily Newton, 12 December 2018 , Comments

We’re just days away from most of us celebrating the end of the year with our friends and family. From Christmas lunches to New Years Eve dinners and celebrating with our loved ones in between, the summer holidays are full of festive fun activities.

During this time it’s important to keep in mind that when you’re spreading good cheer in a way you find delightful, others may find it overwhelming. Everyone has different needs and supports, so here are a few tips that will likely come in handy this holiday season.

Last minute shopping

It’s straight from a Christmas horror movie – days before your holiday celebrations and your brother has dropped a bombshell on you – he’s bringing his new girlfriend to Christmas lunch! Or maybe you miscounted and forgot to buy something for one of your nephews, or you’ve run out of cranberry sauce. While it’s not an emergency, it is a reason to send you back to the crowded, busy and noisy shops.

A little bit of research and planning can make that dreaded trip a little bit easier. Read our top tips on surviving the shops this holiday season.

Santa photos for the whole family

For many families, a Santa photo is tradition. Again this can be tricky with young children and crowded shopping centres, but planning can go a long way in taking the stress out of Santa photos. If crowds are too much for your family, some innovative ideas include taking your family photo next to a Christmas display, or swapping the classic Santa for the infamous Elf on the Shelf. There are even apps that can add the man himself into your family photos, so crowded shopping centres can be a thing of the past.

Managing swallowing issues

It’s hard to think of a holiday celebration that doesn’t feature sitting down with your loved ones to indulge in a delicious Christmas meal. Unfortunately for those living with swallowing issues, known as dysphagia, the sight of a table laden with ham, turkey and other treats can be a little intimidating.

Everyone with dysphagia will have their own unique needs, so it’s important to understand their prescribed diet. Our speech pathologist offers some excellent advice on managing swallowing issues and if you’re still looking for a great Christmas meal, here’s a delicious recipe for Christmas turkey with herb and lemon stuffing.

Party planning

At the end of a big celebration we can all feel wiped out and exhausted. Keep this in mind when celebrating these holidays. Not everything needs to be over-the-top and full of activities; in fact, some great Christmas traditions are made in the quiet moments. If you’re looking for a low-key way to celebrate this year, streaming services like Netflix or Stan have dozens of Christmas movies suitable for the whole family. It’s also a good idea to have a quiet space set up in your house to give guests room to escape from the noise and commotion if it becomes a bit overwhelming. Here are more tips on how to survive not just Christmas, but New Years and Australia Day celebrations.

The beach or pool will keep you cool

We might be dreaming of a white Christmas, but the closest we’ll get is the white sands of Australia’s gorgeous beaches. It swelters over the holiday period, but the coastal breeze can be just what you need to celebrate the end of the year. Why not head down to an accessible beach or jump in the pool to keep cool this summer. Remember to drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen!

Travel tips

If you’re lucky enough to have a holiday lined up this summer break, there’s a few extra things you need to keep in mind when travelling with special needs. The world is (slowly, but surely) becoming more accessible and inclusive, and travel websites offer plenty of advice on how to make sure your next trip runs smoothly so you don’t need a holiday to recover from your holiday!

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