8 ways we’re building an even more child safe Northcott

By Billie Preston, 2 September 2016 , Comments


National Child Protection Week runs from 4-10 September and as Northcott’s Prevention and Response to Abuse and Neglect Manager, I thought it would be the ideal opportunity to let you know what we’re doing to make Northcott an even safer place for children who use our services.

Here’s a list of some of the steps we’ve taken to make Northcott an even safer place over the past six months.

1.) My role was created to help make Northcott staff more aware of issues and policies surrounding abuse and neglect prevention and responses. My role also acts as a go-to support system for staff in matters relating to abuse and neglect.

2.) We’ve worked with an independent external consultant to conduct a comprehensive review of all child protection policies and procedures

3.) We introduced mandatory online child protection training for new staff at the point of induction. This is in addition to the two day face to face training staff have already been receiving within their first three months of employment, and the new online training will also be used as an annual refresher for all staff and managers who work with customers.

4.) We developed a quick reference guide for all staff that includes common questions and scenarios people may experience, with advice on what initially needs to happen when responding to, or preventing, abuse and neglect

5.) A designated abuseandneglect@northcott.com.au email address was established for staff and customers to send queries or feedback regarding abuse and neglect.

6.) We created and implemented a grooming awareness campaign to increase staff and customer knowledge of the issue.

7.) Our internal reporting systems were enhanced to make data easier to capture and trends easier to identify.

8.) Our designated Prevention and Response to Abuse and Neglect of Customers committee holds quarterly meetings to ensure Northcott has policies and procedures that promote best practice and are up to date with legislative requirements

Northcott has a strong commitment to the safety of children and adults who use our services. 

Simply meeting our legal and ethical requirements to protect our customers is not enough – we must continue to proactively keep issues regarding the prevention of abuse and neglect at the forefront of what we do.

If you have any feedback on the above initiatives or any ideas on how else we could make Northcott a more child-safe organisation, we would love to hear from you so please send an email to abuseandneglect@northcott.com.au

Play Your Part

National Child Protection Week begins this Sunday 4 September! Here are some ideas on how you can play your part. #ncpw #playyourpart #preventingchildabuse www.napcan.org.au

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