10 people share their National Disability Insurance Scheme wish lists

By Luisa Bustos, Claire Absolum & Ryan Young, 30 June 2016 , Comments


Anita Sharma, Castle Hill (mother)
“Two things that I hope it will provide are flexibility and opportunity for us as parents. I’m hoping it will give us more flexibility to look at what Neha’s needs are and what goals we can set for her and then hopefully more opportunity to find more services out there that can met those needs.” 

Sevinc McCue, Ryde
“I’m hoping to get more funding to be able to go out somewhere more often and to go away more often. I hope it’s going to make my life much easier because I will get to do more things that I want to do.”

Travis Bellamy, Villawood
“I hope the NDIS will enable me to get some Flexible Respite support that I can’t get at the moment. I would like the funding to allow me to access the community without depending on my family.”

Suzanne Fan, Narellan Vale (mother)
“I would like the NDIS to provide funding for an IQ assessment [for my daughter], and other assessments that are required by Centrelink for the mobility allowance. Waiting for an assessment to be done by the school counsellor can be a very long process.

Jess Lloyd, Tamworth
“I would like more flexibility around the support I receive and also driving lessons. I hope to get my licence and a paid job. More support would be nice at home as well.”


Cain Noble-Davies, Balgowlah
“I would really like to be able to carry on with Transition to Work until the end of the year… also it would really help if I could get some access to the things that help keep me social.

Prue Ditchfield,Tamworth
“I would hope it would allow me to do more things by enabling me to have more time with my support workers. Also I would hope the NDIS will fund transport for my needs.”

Kelly Powell, Berowa Heights (mother)
“I’m not going to be around forever and I want to know that someone will be around to look after [my son] and to make sure he gets the support he needs throughout his life.

Guy Rojo, Cundletown
“I would like to do a course to learn office skills and get extra support over the weekend. I would also like the NDIS to provide some support for personal care in my family home.”

Claire Williams, Moree
“I want the NDIS to keep supporting me.”


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